Mumbai based Digital Entrepreneur Dr. Niraalee Shah launches Ikonic Talk Show with Co – Founder Rishabh Dubey

Mumbai based Digital Entrepreneur  Dr. Niraalee Shah launches Ikonic Talk Show with Co – Founder Rishabh Dubey


Hello Mumbai Startup Desk :

Ikonic Talk Show, is a digital market space launched to help brands, professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate houses market their goods and services through digital video marketing, audio video podcasts and customised video marketing to help them increase their brand visibility, brand awareness and business growth. They have established themselves as an informative digital market space helping consumers better visualise products and services and how they can increase their brand visibility and brand reach through
digital video marketing. Ikonic Talk Show is India’s start up digital marketing
company with a vision to give companies a digital platform to promote their products and services.

We are an India based startup company with a vision to provide robust and
high-quality videos, with an aim to help increase your brand visibility, brand
awareness and business growth through digital video marketing, audio video
podcasts and interviews. The core offering components of the company is
digital video marketing, audio video interviews and customized video
marketing. Along with a plethora of mobile and multimedia enabled content,
we are a multimedia platform offering these innovative services for the first
time to brands, professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate houses.
A platform for brands, professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate houses to
digitally market their products and services by creating an audio video cinematography experience to create micro content to promote their products and services through interactive videos. Dr. Niraalee Shah, founder says, “We
are delighted to announce the launch of Ikonic Talk Show in India and across
the globe with my co-founder Mr. Rishabh Dubey. We aim to present a global
digital platform for brands, professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate houses
to explain their products and services to viewers, which shall help our viewers
better visualize their products and services

Our vision is to help brands, professionals and corporate houses connect with
the viewers learn about the products and services existing in the market to
increase their brand visibility and tap a wider audience through digital video
marketing. We embark on this next chapter with a new management team and
a renewed determination to give a digital platform to brands and professionals
from different industries to introduce their company, products, and services.
We are dedicated to promote and increase the brand visibility of brands and
professionals through our digital video marketing and help them in their
professional growth trajectory.
Our team of branding experts, video producers, audio experts, content writers,
and marketing strategists are uniquely positioned to help your brand design
and deploy a strategy that turns Digital Video Marketing of your products and
services into a significant business growth driver. Video Marketing is a powerful marketing platform that, when leveraged strategically, can be turned into a strong source of leads and sales for your business. We create a strong marketing strategy, quality video production, and effective SEO promotion to help our clients achieve the following goals:
· Increase Brand Awareness
· Increase Brand Visibility
· Increase Business Growth
· Increase Business Sales

Brief Introduction of Dr Niraalee Shah

Dr. Niraalee Shah: International Corporate Trainer |
Author |
Branding Consultant |
Image Consultant 

Dr. Niraalee Shah founded Image Building and Etiquette Mapping to helping entrepreneurs create profitable businesses and brands that attract their ideal clients. Her expertise helps brands showcase
their expertise and command premium pricing through brand experience, and added value of customer experience. A Corporate Trainer, Image Consultant, Author and Brand Strategist Niraalee
Shah works alongside entrepreneurs, corporate houses and professionals to achieve striking innovation and development at all fronts. Niraalee Shah helps corporates, organizations and
individual professionals to help embrace change and achieve breakthrough performance. Her work is testimony to the fact that every minute change creates significant impact:
– The impact of brand recognition and recall
– The impact of enhanced customer experience
– The impact of improved team performances
– The impact of profitable enterprise.
Dr. Niraalee Shah’s work is focused towards the wide spectrum of training requirements. Her skills
applyto many aspects of the Indian business landscape:
• Corporate Training
• Personal Branding
• Hospitality Training
• Luxury Boutique & Retail Training
• Events & Exhibitions Training
• Entertainment Training
Dr. Niraalee Shah puts forward a powerful curriculum that underscores emerging trends for your brand.A thorough professional, she delivers highly effective training that emphasizes actionable
content designed to elevate your complete business performances. She identifies emerging trends and incorporates these in her execution strategies to influence leadership effectiveness, performance and customer experience. Niraalee prepares your brand and your organization to
thrive in a contemporary world, admit stiff competition, in hyper-linked business environments.

Niraalee Shah is focused on helping entrepreneurs create profitable businesses and brands that attract their ideal clients. Her expertise helps brands showcase their expertise and command premium pricing through brand experience, and added value of customer experience.
Dr. Niraalee Shah: Credentials and Certifications
Dr. Niraalee Shah is certified from The Indian School of Image Management (Mumbai) and The
International Image Counselle (Canada). She is an internationally-recognized and certified etiquette
trainer from The British School of Etiquette, with CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and
ILM certifications (Leadership and Management). She has recently in 2022, received her Doctorate
in Indian Tourism and Culture from the University of Maharishi Vedic Astrology (Udaipur).
Image Building and Etiquette Mapping has procured thorough ISO certifications, making Niraalee
Shah a one of the few BSCIC ISO trainers, an industry pioneer and visionary professional.
– ISO 9001: Quality Management System
– ISO 14001: Environment Management System
– ISO 45001: Organizations Health & Safety Management
Dr Niraalee Shah is also a member of the India Chapter of AICI (Association of Image
ConsultantsInternational, USA), with a global presence.
Dr. Niraalee Shah: Consistent, Creative and Constructive Consultations. Dr. Niraalee Shah provides a unique blend of experience, perspective and process to help teams to navigate the increasingly complex business landscape and find solutions that deliver productive results. A passionate brand builder, Niraalee Shah starts her work from the inside to create the big change for you, a change that is visible on the outside. Taking your vision, problem and goal as her own, she creates strategies that are viable, sustainable and profitable.
Dr. Niraalee Shah’s expertise through the complex process is to identify the core of a business and create its unique appeal via kinesthetic training, 1:1 training, coaching, structuring training,
implementing training through follow up training, training audits, drafting checklists and delivering
results through Training SOP’S. She deftly joins the dots to create a final picture of brand value, credibility and productivity

Her training and consulting are highly customized and designed to help you address specific
challenges or accelerate a unique opportunity. Each engagement is supported by appropriate
discovery and module definition with an emphasis on results.
Niraalee plans, initiates and maintains superlative brand building via
– Training
– Workshops
– Consultations
– Evaluation
– Panel & Group discussions
– Internal & External Audits
Niraalee works to address specific challenges. Her highly customized consultations deliver opportunities for consistent and concrete change. Her work provides continued mentoring and monitoring of brands she fosters, not as an outsider but as an integral team force.
Dr. Niraalee Shah: Expounding Your Brand’s Inherent Potential Dr. Niraalee Shah’s , mission is to help you to achieve your business goals by turning your managers intogreat leaders and your staff into value adding assets. She believes that any company by having qualified, trained and enthusiastic team members, any brand can achieve market dominance with service excellence. When a business is looking for an everlasting impact, it must engage with the right professionals with the appropriate know-how. When they focus on building attractive brands and successful enterprises, cohesiveness of every detail is key. She binds these details to create an impactful, sustainable change in your organization, which propels business towards profit and enhanced productivity. Image Building and Etiquette Mapping is the answer to inculcating cutting edge brand values and
taking your business to the next level through training and learning. Connect with Niraalee Shah and begin you transformation process of brand Building.


Brief Introduction of Mr.Rishab Dubey:

Rishabh Dubey is a 21st century entrepreneur. He graduated from Mumbai
University, India, armed with a BE Trena Engineering College, little did he know
that he would be using his creative prowess laced with business acumen to
steer forward the ship of entrepreneurship in India. Driven by a firm belief to
transform the digital marketing set-up to make it more sustainable and aligned
with the need of the hour, he has initiated Ikonic Talk Show to help professionals and entrepreneurs increase their brand visibility across the world.
A firm believer in building a digital marketing platform for the future, Mr.
Rishabh Dubey has conducted various video marketing interviews and digitally
marketed professionals across India and the globe, highlighting the need for
creating a digital market space for brands, corporate houses, professionals and
entrepreneurs. Bringing into fruition the concept of Digital Video Marketing,
Mr. Rishabh Dubey has designed the very popular ‘IKONIC TALK SHOW’ which
is very meticulously in sync with the current demands of digital video
marketing. He is helping various professionals across the country and the globe to promote their products and services through his social media company
GROW MORE and digital video marketing company Ikonic Talk Show.
The subsequent years have been a roller-coaster of highs and lows, success,
and failures for both the founders, but with every new entrepreneur we profile
and every new story we tell, we feel blessed to be able to contribute and help
shape this exciting new era in India. We strongly believe that digital video
marketing has the power to transform, connect and inspire professionals and
brands all over the world. In these years we have incubated the narratives of
various entrepreneurs.
Mr Rishabh Dubey, mainstream experience on understanding how businesses
run, what works and what doesn’t. He relies on those learnings to everyday
improve and channelize himself to be a better professional and create a
business that makes a difference (in the most real and basic way)..

Group Picture of Ikonic Talk Show.

Instagram: @ikonictalkshow
Email – [email protected]

 Dr Niraalee Shah
+91 9967655101

Rishabh Dubey

+91 9326123182

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