Mumbai Social Entreprenuer Neeta Tripathi, honoured with SDP WOMEN ACHIEVER AWARD as Social Activist

Mumbai Social Entreprenuer Neeta Tripathi, honoured with SDP WOMEN ACHIEVER AWARD as Social Activist
Picture of Neeta Tripathi.

Amarcine Productions recently organised virtual SDP WOMEN ACHIEVER AWARD 2020, in which 50 women from around the world met together on Webinar and discussed on the topic “Women for Women. Neeta Tripathi one of the awardee from Mumbai attended the webinar and was honoured with the SDP WOMEN ACHIEVER AWARD as social activist.

About Neeta Tripathi in a nutshell:

She started her career in Fashion Designing and served the fashion industry for 18 years (1987 till 2005), and has done a lot of acting on Theatre with Mrs.Girish Rastogi at Rupantar Sansthan, UP.

She was also associated as a “Producer” with Aditya Films and had rendered her services for AD’s, Films, Events & Promotions for TV from 2000-2012.

She had also served as the Maharashtra President to a National political party called United Women Front started by Mrs Suman Krishankant, wife of Mr Krishan Kant (Vice President of India 1998) and has been working laboriously for protection and rehabilitation of victims of crimes against women. She was actively engaged in this post for more than 7 years and dealt with numerous cases related to crime against women and helped rehabilitate the victims.

Soon after she joined “Mahila Dakshta Samiti” as the Mumbai ‘President’ (2013- Present) and has served as the ‘President’ for “Atijeevan Foundation” (work for acid attack survivor) continues to strive and reach out to more people and women in need for more than 3 years.

She is the “Chairperson” at Magic 9 Media & Consumer Knowledge Pvt Ltd, Magic9 Media Analytics Pvt Ltd. Since 2011.

She also runs “Lode Runners” as the “Chairperson” taking up various creative projects.

She has recently joined CNRI (Confederation of NGOs of Rural India) as the regional Vice Chairman & Roving Editor of Women Cell CNRI Chairperson.
She is also the National Chairperson of ASHA foundation since 2020.

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