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    Sarah Bhagat of Modern School New Delhi scores 97.2% in CBSE Grade 12 Board


    New Delhi: Sarah Bhagat of Modern School Vasant Vihar, New Delhi has scored an overall of 97.2% in CBSE Grade 12 BOARD examinations and a best of 4 of 98%. She has secured 99 marks in Economics, Business Studies and Psychology, 95 marks in Accountancy and 94 marks in English. Her positional grade in all the subjects is A1 along with A1 in work experience, general studies and health and physical education. She has been a dedicated and hardworking student ever since she was little and has proven to be one of the toppers in her batch. Congratulations to her and her family.

    She comes from a business family Mr Sameer Bhagat and Mrs Vandana Bhagat both are from modern school V focused and dedicated to use her talent in developing her skills further to be an entrepreneur. She loves travelling meeting people Media and marketing and her hobbies are cooking dancing graphic design and travelling.

    As a child only she wanted to be a topper of school and said I am best ! And focused only on studies while most of her age group was asking her to step out and party. Her focus was to be a topper in studies. Her 98.00 % has proved that with dedication and strong will u. And achieve anything in life !



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