Home Art & Culture India’s First Lit Fest on the Sea Kicked off in Mumbai, Actress Manisha Koirala graced the event

India’s First Lit Fest on the Sea Kicked off in Mumbai, Actress Manisha Koirala graced the event

India’s First Lit Fest on the Sea Kicked off in Mumbai, Actress Manisha Koirala graced the event
Manisha koirala with founder of Queensline Shripriya Dalmia Thirana and Kounteya Sinha.

Acclaimed filmmaker, actress and activist Nandita Das joined for a special session with Former First Lady of Britain Cherie Blair who opened the fest to bat for India’s widows on behalf of the Loomba Foundation. The revenue generated at this festival was donated to the widows of the country.

Mumbai is all set to have a Lit Fest that uses its most famous citizen as its venue – The Arabian Sea.
India’s Maximum City  hosted India’s first ever Lit Fest on the sea – The Queensline Lit Fest – three days of incredible dialogue and debate by some of the world’s greatest minds – with the spectacular views of Mumbai’s imposing skyline at a distance and sunsets to die for.

Shripriya Thirani Dalmia launched her book Altars of Yearning which talks about the concept of how India prays.

It was inaugurated by world-renowned barrister and former first lady of the UK, Cherie Blair, on 29 Jan at 12.30 pm.

The festival took place on board Mumbai’s brand new addresses on the sea — Queensline Neverland and Queensline Sea YAH — ships that can each accommodate 400 people.

Queensline owner and founder of the QLF Shripriya Dalmia Thirani said, “Space is vital for any sort of intellectual discourse. India is a place for debates and literature. Queensline isn’t a cruise ship or just a floating restaurant. It is Mumbai’s brand new address on the sea – its deck the venerable new spot for everything creative. This is the first of out large creative events – the first ever Lit Fest on the sea. We have some of India’s greatest minds talking about the issues of the present – from faith and religion to women and widows. It will be a massive draw and we already have a major interest in the festival.”

This unique Lit Fest featured some of the best minds from the literary world. The participants and guests were able to listen to the stalwarts from the world of books and also witness Mumbai’s sensational views.

On 30 January, India’s most renowned photographer Raghu Rai in a conversation with festival director Kounteya Sinha, talked about his concept of faith and believe in the world.

He says, ” My faith always lied in the pictures I clicked over these years because that is something that physically existed for me. Adding to that he also said that one must train their mind body and soul for everything to be perfect and work for them.”

On 31st January, Silver Screen Goddess Manisha Koirala graced the event with her recent blockbuster book “Healed – How cancer gave me a new life” said, “It is during the painful times that you truly understand the value of life, your inner strength and your character and true friendships.”

In conversation with the festival director, “CEREBRAL DISCOURSES have become common in India – it definitely shows how debate and discussions are intrinsic to the DNA of a common Indian. Mumbai is a Mecca for such incredible festivals. Queensline which is now Mumbai’s largest dining room on the sea is clear of its intention – it wants its deck to be Mumbai’s latest cultural hub – a place people can engage, talk about arts and culture, watch performances under an open sky glistening with stars and come up with brilliant solutions to our urban and rural needs through debate and dialogue. QLF 2019 will open Mumbai’s greatest asset – the Arabian Sea as a place where great minds meet and engage says, Kounteya Sinha – internationally renowned curator and QLF festival director.”


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