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Kitchen Queens Banglore Celebrating Food Ramzan Special

Kitchen Queens Banglore Celebrating Food Ramzan Special

*Kitchen Queens – Bangalore “Celebrating Food” Ramadhan Special*
Where do you go when you want the best of the best? You go to the experts, which clearly is *“Kitchen Queens”* by our very own Nishat Sait. A platform into the kitchens of real families showcasing their culinary experiences.

With the WhatsApp group of over 90 participants, it covers most of the aspiring and upcoming cooks of the Memon community, with Mrs. Nishat Sait taking the efforts of compiling the best recipes & encouraging the people with ideas from appetizers through deserts.

Whether you are meat lover or vegetarian, you will love the array of salads, soups, sandwiches, sides. From comfort food to kid friendly to quick & easy our group has it all.
Throughout the year on the group we are given with all kinds of recipes, highlight being *Ramadan & Bakrid* special recipes.

During Ramadan we are literally drowned in so many handpicked recipes by our admin that it is so difficult to choose what to make among so many. There is so much enthusiasm & dedication among members of the group. To try these irresistible recipes & post pictures of them with the best presentation making it visually so tempting & mouthwatering.


To top it all we have these competitions conducted where we are rewarded with so much appreciation & good wishes by our fellow members & the admin herself that it drives us to do better each day & develop the virtue of coexistence & gratitude.

All members of the group are very active making different variety of dishes like Banjara chicken, shezwan noodles, mango cheese cake, Dabba gosh etc. At kitchen queens we celebrate just by committed sharing of food pictures and appreciations & there by developing deep & supportive relationships also making everyone’s tummy happy!

-Mrs Farha Junaid.

News Report by
Mrs Nishat Sait
Lifestyle & Event Management Editor; India.


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