Meet Serbia based Engineer Cedomir Mraz devises Electromedical Apparatus, read Biography here

Meet Serbia based Engineer Cedomir Mraz devises Electromedical Apparatus, read Biography here

In the field of Science and technology, Serbia ranks in it. There are many institutions which imparts science and technology.

Serbia has given some gem of Scientists and Cedomir Mraz is one amongst them.

Hello Mumbai News took the opportunity to catch up with Cedomir Mraz for his biography

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Biography Of Čedomir Mraz

Čedomir Mraz was born in Sombor in 1945. He grew up and schooled in Zemun . From an early age he loved to construct and was attracted to technique. He drew various constructions, at the age of four and said he would be an electrical engineer.

For his elementary school years, he constructed a map with flashlights, built radio wave detectors for receivers himself, and engaged in discussions with a physics teacher, proving a better understanding of electric motors and techniques than her.

After moving with his family to Belgrade, he enrolled in the Technical High School Nikola Tesla, where he made a solution for the electronic target for the air rifle for pre-military training.

1961-present. After the second grade of Technical School at the age of only sixteen, the family moved to Munich and there he had to start working and help the family. He got a job as a technician in Siemens. He worked in the Control Department of electronic communication devices.
This was a significant experience in practical work with electronics. When he returned to Belgrade after a year and a half, he suddenly passed the two remaining years of technical school with excellent success and entered the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Department of telecommunications.

In 1965, amidst his entire study of radio, he repaired various electrical appliances and televisions and held courses in electronics and radio engineering at Radio Club Nikola Tesla in Belgrade.

In 1970, as a soldier, he constructed several solutions for the needs of wax in the field of electronics. He built an apparatus for simple testing of radio transceivers and for this contribution he was awarded a Russian gold-plated watch, and since the major who repaired the television that no master could fix, he was rewarded with a reduction of conscription of one month.

In 1975, when he finished his studies, he worked with Interexport in Belgrade on servicing electronic appliances for one and a half years.

In 1972, when Siemens in Munich was looking for young engineers for industrial computers, he was accepted after passing a psychological and professional test and moved again to Munich. After nearly a year of specialization, in a few years he managed a department that maintained seven major traffic computers for the Munich region. He spent ten years there when it was time for a change in work and life, he founded his own firm. Mraz Elektronik in Munich, which from 1983-1993 as the first Yugoslav company supplied almost the entire Yugoslav market with electronic equipment and personal computers whose era was just beginning and in its infancy. Mraz Elektronik has equipped a large number of faculties and institutions in cooperation with the Journal company. Many still remember that the first computers in Socialistic Federative Republic of Yugoslavia were obtained from Mihnen by Mraz Elektronik.

In 1982, due to the breakup of Yugoslavia, the company shut down  and the Mraz engineering bureau focused on Industrial, Laser Electronics and specific applications of electronics in medicine. Through decades of experience with devices in electroacupuncture and cooperation with the famous dr. The engine has built new machines.
The engineering bureau Mraz was established as early as 1982. year in Munich by Čedomir Mraz with the aim to use his gained experience of ten years of work on servicing and maintenance of process computers in the company Siemens in independent work. Among other things, he worked on the construction of various measuring systems for the oil industry as well as on the construction of control, communication and laser systems. 1983. the company Mraz electronic was founded in 1993. for years, it has been involved in the distribution of electronic devices and computer systems for the whole of Yugoslavia.

in 1993 for  his further work, he received special attention in the works of Nikola Tesla published in the reports in which he talks about the effect of his devices on the health condition of people. The data in these reports are not known to the general public, and it is known that Nikola Tesla was healthy all his life, even though he slept only 4 hours a day and used the other 20 mostly to work.
This was the biggest inspiration for his further work, which resulted in a large number of inventions. Electromedical apparatus for improving human health and the environment.
In the development of bio-frequency devices based on the research of Russian scientists and cooperation with experts and therapists, new innovations are coming and he is involved in pioneering work in the latest trends. known as vibrational medicine with devices that emit vibrations useful for humans and the environment, it is the basis of Nikola Tesla’s work.

“In the vibrational a kind of approach to alleviating human suffering and improving health stand out vibrational transmitters of Engineer Čedomir Mraz. This, in turn, meant that the support of vibrational transmitters in. Frost, which can ultimately be called developmental,which   can be expressed in the framework of all five levels of officially defined health care – from health comparison to rehabilitation.”- Prof. dr. Vuk Stambolović


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