Home Art & Culture Mumbai: Mumbai Kandivli Bengalis celebrate the auspicious Saraswati Puja in true traditional spirits

Mumbai: Mumbai Kandivli Bengalis celebrate the auspicious Saraswati Puja in true traditional spirits

Mumbai: Mumbai Kandivli Bengalis celebrate the auspicious Saraswati Puja in true traditional spirits

Mumbai Bengalis celebrated the traditional Saraswati Puja which falls on Basant Panchami on 29th January which is in accordance to Panchagan/ Thitis. But this year there was a lot of confusion on the celebration by the Bengalis across the universe whether to observe the Sacred Puja on 29th or 30th. Panchagan states it occurs on 29th and remains till 30th. his year but the Bengalis known for their festivities which they celebrate in true religious spirits have their own way and schedule for celebration of festivals. When it comes to Saraswati Puja, it becomes more special and divine So they decided to celebrate it on 29th/30th January. celebrated it in Kolkata or rest of the world.

Even as the young generation pray to the Goddess of learning for their academics and overall well being, the day also becomes famous as the Valentines Day for the them. Bengalis when no young boy or a girl desist from the opportunity to propose or choose their life partner. The young girls gets attired in yellow ( basanti color) sarees and steal the hearts of many but in Mumbai, at least the Bengalis try to maintain the tradition be in terms of puja, or color code, or love for their culture.

The Members of the Oikyotan Club, a Bengalee Club in Mumbai’ s Kandivali Region celebrated its 8th Saraswati Puja on 29th January 2020, focusing on what they believe in “the true essence of the culture and tradition of Bengal“. The members of Oikyotan Club believe and celebrate the occasion in an absolute homely atmosphere with a personal touch rather than pomp and grandeur and any sort of showbiz for that matter. The ladies wing of the Club all attired in traditional yellow, the color for Saraswati Puja maintained the tradition. The Puja, Pushpanjali, Arati was followed by distribution of Khichuri Bhog in the afternoon. Khichuri was accompanied by labda (a traditional mixed vegetable of the Bengalis) is served mainly with Khichuri), beguni, chatni, payesh. That wasn’t the end. The evening that started with sandhya arati, continued as a musical evening by the In-house Talents of Oikyotan. ” Madhuro Dhwani Baje“, the most appropriate Tagore song for Saraswati Puja celebration that marked the beginning with the saga continuing with songs like “ o je mane na mane ” or “amaro parano jaha chay” . Dipannita Banerjee, being an excellent singer normally portrays herself as not so keen Rabindrasangeet Singer, touched everyone’s heart with her own rendition of “Ghorete Bhromor elo“. There was no rehearsals, no preparations, no muscians , but yet a wonderful musical evening that was possible only because of the love for music and the blessings of Mother Goddess. Other performers who entertained the crowd were Munmun Chakravarty, Munmun Chatterjee, Mary Banerjee, Sarbani Acharya, Sharmila Bannerjee. Dance performance by young talent Diya Malakar added a special color to the evening which came to an end with a traditional Bengali dinner comprising koraishutir kachori, phulkoir tarkrai, pulao, cholar dal and sweets. The members of Oikyotan Club believe that the Goddess of learning will always shower her blessings on them and that they will remain United and celebrate every festival of the Bengalees with similar interest and to their heart’s content. Though Oikyotan celebrates festivals of Bengalees , with open arms they also welcome friends from all communities who wish to be a part of it. A few glimpses through the lenses of the members…

News Courtesy: Debjani Basu Mullick

News Edit by K.V. Raman

Bengali womens attired traditional saree at the Saraswati Puja


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