Mumbai: Mumbai Sangam Music Club of Andheri organizes Gala Musical Picnic in Karjat on 1st February 2020

Mumbai: Mumbai Sangam Music Club of Andheri organizes Gala  Musical  Picnic in Karjat on 1st February 2020

Mumbai Sangam Music Club of Andheri founded by Sreerupa Ghosh, a dedicated and lively singer and a genius artist of music in her own talent. Bagged with honour in her musical experienced, organized an innovative Gala Musical Picnic. A new concept in Musical lovers on 1st February 2020 in Karjat, outskirt of Mumbai. The team comprised mostly budding artists and voice artists who are performers in Mumbai regularly and other parts of the country. Music Lovers affiliated with Sangam also joined.
…..!!…..Hurrah ….Hurrah….its a picnic day……!!..On 1st of Feb they started from Sreerupa Ghosh’s Residence in New Link Road Andheri West at Tea and biscuits were served there.
6.30am bus departs for Karjat.
7.30am Breakfast was served on the way.
They started singing songs in the bus journey to get into the spirit of picnic. Singers crooned popular Hindi songs and Bengali songs of great composers like Ujjalo din, dam dam diga diga, yeh dosti hum nehi todenge, suhana safar and many guitarists played the guitar..

After arriving at the destination at 10 am, coconut water was served. After a freshup, refreshments were served – cocum juice, starters- crispy chicken pokoda, spicy choto aloodum. The Karjat resort was full of natural surroundings with small mountains and small forests, with various trees and cottages making it a wonderful musical picnic. A small music game started before the function to warm up before the game. There was the Musical Antakshri games and the performers were divided into four groups- 1.Piano, 2.Tabla, 3.Guitar 4.Flute. It turned out to be quite an exciting event.

The main function began with the singing of Ghazal, Bhajan, Rabindra Sangeet, with popular Hindi and Bengali songs of the Golden era. Sreerupa Ghosh herself sung the Ghazal, in Hindi and Bengali and exhibited her brilliancy in her voice. Gautam Ghosh rendered his his gazal aptly. Tamasru Chandra a popular singer in Mumbai reflected his skill with a touching performance. His classical based Hindi songs of the Golden era held everyone spellbound. He showed his brilliancy in acting and won prize too in his individual capacity and as team leader. Paramita Chatterjee an ex student of Viswa Bharati University of Tagore’s Shantiniketan and student of renowned Rabindra Sangeet artist Kanika Bandhooadhay performed mind blowing Tagore song of Shantiniketan gharana. Sreerupa Bhattacharya ( junior)being a mother and a housewife performed in her enchanting voice. Debasish & Pushpita who are in charge of resorts surprised everyone as an artist as well as Debasish as a Singer & a drum and tabla player. Rupasree a populer ,Bengali and Hindi singer and a resident of Andheri Mumbai lent her beautiful voice to add colour to the programme.
Dalia Ray impressed the audience as a dedicated singer and music lover in the show. Pulokesh Ray deftly anchored the Antakshri and Quiz programme. Basudev Saha well known Tabla player of Mumbai whose presence with guitarist Rono made the programme flyamboyant. A break with lassi followed..
Lunch was served at Cuisine was from authentic Bengali Kitchen.

Veg dish comprised: .

3.Aloo posto
4.Mochar chop
5.Doi potol.
6.Paneer Dalna
7.Tomato Chutney.


3.Aloo posto
4.Bombay duck fry.
5.Pabda Sorshe.
6.Mutton Kosha.
7.Tomato Chutney.

Post lunch was at 3.P.M Relished some Sweet lime soda with some sunkissed selfies and enchanting musical games.Parthasarathy Roy a Software Engineer by profession blessed with artistic skill sang well in Musical drama event.

Riddhiman Ghosh a teenager artist and most younger artist in the group presented spell-bound presentation of drama with a deep insight of subject. Showing his maturity and depthness above age, Jishu Mitra augmented the programme with his recitation. Once again they involved to Musical activity. At 4.PM won the prize at the prize distribution.

Soothed the throat with some lemon tea .. Cookies and Cakes were served at 5.PM.

At 6P.M..Lemon tea was repeated while all enjoyed the musical eve.

7.30P.M ..on return journey .Vegetable and Cold drinks were served in the bus….with restless enthusiasm music continued.
The idea was innovative and with their skill inspired all the music lovers and artists for whom music was part of lifestyle. Sreerupa Ghosh was thanked for her innovation and organizing this programme as a part of her musical journey.

News Input by Jishu Mitra

News Edit by K.V. Raman

Singer Performs at Musical Picnic event in Karjat
Singer Performs at Musical Picnic event in Karjat
Singer Performs at Musical Picnic event in Karjat


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