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Mumbai Therapist Manisha Agrawal says”Perspective” The important aspect for Happy Living

Mumbai  Therapist Manisha Agrawal says”Perspective” The important aspect for Happy Living
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Perspective has many definitions, such as the ability to understand what is important and what isn’t, and the capacity to view things in their true relationship or relative importance. People learn perspective at different age, some learn it at 4 while some learn at 64. Perspective, is acquired at different scenerio at different age, by people. some learn it through tragedy, regret, or something else awful, tbut once they acquire perspective they realize how important it is, and wonder how they lived without it.

Perspective reminds us what’s important and what’s not. It helps us recognize that we probably don’t need to dwell on one bad grade for too long, or wallow for months on end about a relationship that we knew wouldn’t work out in the first place fulfilled its prophecy. It allows us to move on, to not sweat the small stuff, because the bigger, life-altering problems are still looming.
The thing about perspective is that it doesn’t make the problem that caused it go away. It doesn’t solve the issue or fix the tragedy, or the on going struggle, or the regret within. But it allows you to live the rest of your life, from the moment you truly gain perspective forward, with more level of emotions and maturity. It reminds you of what’s actually important, like the fact that you should take the time to be kind to people because you never know what they’re going through, or how much time they have left. It reminds you that you shouldn’t spend hours in agonising worry over something that should have been decided in three minutes.

Basically, perspective doesn’t turn around the situation it just organise issues for you. It allows you to clearly see the weightage of the problem which problems are to be ignored and which should be taken upon. It can be frustrating when other people can’t see what you see clearly, but perspective allows you to help them. In the heat of what can appear like a huge tragedy or the largest curse, perspective act like a saviour, or can at least be something you gain when it seems as though all else is lost.
Perspective also tend to improve your relations. When we start realising how and why others live their lives, even if it is not the path we have chosen, our tolerance increases because we refrain from making ignorant assumptions that can be destructive. It is when we  refrain from judging others’ decisions about how to live their live and instead celebrate our differences that civility in society improves. There is no one way to live a fulfilling life, and such a realisation can be quite liberating.
Whether it is a disagreement with our partners, someone at work or a customer, the moment we put ourselves into their shoes and try to see the situation from their perspective, we give a successful interaction a chance. Some may describe this as kindness or thoughtfulness; however you define it is up to you, but when you refrain from entering into a potentially contentious situation and your intention is to win and instead to understand and find the solution that relationship will have the potential to improve and become stronger.

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