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Taj Gallery Exhibition An Exploration Of Artistic Sensibilities And Celebration Of Art



Title of Exhibition: Affordable Art Exhibition

Venue: Taj Art Gallery, The Taj Mahal Palace, Colaba, Mumbai

Dates: 15th to 21st January 2017

Time: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Artists: Anisha Gupta, Bhaskar Rao, Iruvan Karunakaran, Mukesh Bijole, Sanjay Soni South Mumbai-based artist Anisha Gupta will be exhibiting her artwork at the Affordable Art Exhibition to be held at the Taj Art Gallery at Colaba, Mumbai from January 15-21. Anisha’s art is a reflection of her serene and calm personality. Her works depict various elements of nature, caught in lucid brushstrokes and celebrating the free-spirited approach to life. Anisha has also exhibited her paintings at joint shows organized by Hunar Art Gallery at Gurgaon and ‘Optimart’ at Artist Centre, Mumbai in 2015. Organized by Delhi-based Hunar Art Gallery, the exhibition will also feature the works of noted Indian artists Bhaskar Rao.Botcha, Iruvan Karunakaran, Sanjay Soni and Mukesh Bijole. The underlying theme of Bhaskar Rao.Botcha’s paintings are nature whose myriad hues and moods have been wonderfully captured by the artist on canvas. The blending of the historic and the modern form the background of Iruvan’s paintings which widely feature rustic village and street scenes from India, depicting the endless journey of roads as they lead from one place to another. The inspiration of Sanjay Soni, a National Award Winner from the All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society for Rajasthani Portrait 2013 and 2015, is firmly rooted in Indian heritage and the expanse of his art can be seen in creative art series like Khajuraho, Buddha, Rajasthan Culture, Meditation, and Monks.  Mukesh Bijole draws his artistic energy from tribal life as his brush vividly deciphers the everyday lives of men-women, birds, and animals from varied Indian geographies, visualized as perpetual sources of energy and power.  “My work on display at the exhibition has been inspired from the ancient Ajanta-Ellora cave paintings.  I have been participating in art exhibitions for the last 5 years and my association with Hunar Art Gallery has been most fulfilling and enriching. They have revolutionized the art scene in the country by bridging the gap between artists and art-lovers,” said Anisha. Hunar Art Gallery has provided a credible platform for amateur and upcoming artists to showcase their work and has been hugely successful in giving them a wider outreach among art lovers. Since its inception in 2006, the Delhi-based gallery has been instrumental in making art widely accessible to the common man by promoting affordable art at prestigious exhibitions held in cities like Mumbai and Delhi.



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