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UK based Tafida Raqeeb Foundation appoints Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi as its Ambassador

The Tafida Raqeeb Foundation in UK on 7 January honoured Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi and appointed him as the NGos Celebrity Ambassador. This honour comes on the basis of the massive support by the actor towards charities.

Actor Vivek Oberoi in Conversation with Kamal prabhkar Uk Head Hello Mumbai News

Hello Mumbai News London Editor and UK Kamal Prabhakar took the opportunity to catch up with Vivek Oberoi in London.


While welcoming Vivek Oberoi and appreciating him for his various charities Kamal asked Vivek on his appointment as Brand Ambassador forTafida Raqeeb Foundation, Vivek makes it known that the NGo Tafida are doing great job through their medical centre for brain affected people. It is a landmark work undertaken by the founder of the NGo, the mother of Tafida brain affected daughter.

Actor Vivek Oberoi with Mr.Sudeep Sakale Hello Global Media
Tech Head

While chatting with Kamal Prabhakar, Vivek said he was very much inspired by the work undertaken by Tafida Raqeeb Foundation. He praised and appreciated Tafida’s mother for establishing a medical centre to treat anyone suffering from physical disorders.

Vivek further added in his chat with Kamal that such medical Centers for treating physically disorderly children besides in UK must also be started in India and Ngos must step forward to start such medical centers and save lives of many children.

Tafida’s Mother also praised Vivek Oberoi for involving in various charities apart acting in films. She said it was a proud moment for Tafida’s Mother to have Vivek Oberoi as the NGo’s Brand Ambassador. Raqeeb Foundation was instituted by Tafida’s mother in the name of her four year old daughter Tafida suffering from Arteriovenous Malformation Abnormal Tangle of Blood Vessels.




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