31st Night Mumbai Police Registered 3188 Against Traffic Violators


    Traffic enforcement figures for 31st/ 1st


    1) *Over speeding Challans* 7600

    2) *DD Action* till 6 am — 615

    3) Other Misc Cases–4000
    *This is correct figure*

    Mumbai police on the night of 31st Night registered 3188 cases against the traffic violators .The traffic police also launched a campaign for drunk driving in which police collected 4 lks rupees in fines while booked 565 motorist for drunk driving.

    In 3188 cases, out of which 615 cases were about who consumed alcohol and drove on the night of December 31.

    Action details by Mumbai police:
    Over speeding challan : 7600
    DD Action : 615
    Other Misc cases : 400
    Drunk Drive : 615
    Without helmet : 199
    No parking : 620
    The above input from :
    Mumbai Traffic police .





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