Actors from Karamphaldata Shani talk about the currency issue which has taken the nation by storm!.


    Salil Ankola – PM MODI is the most dynamic and result oriented PM we have had  And the

    reasons behind the ban of high currency notes is justified and one of them is also to curb counterfeit notes which destroy the economy of our country, eradication of black money and also to put a stop to terrorism which is totally cash funded  and if a change is required then some steps like these are inevitable and require tremendous guts and   foresight which our PM has shown again and again So hats off to our PM Mr. MODI.

    Tarun Khanna – I think it’s a great idea implemented in haste though. 90% people don’t have black money, but they are suffering. Not being able to buy groceries and pay for auto or bus fare is a problem. Only these normal people will suffer not the people with loads of black money.
    Kunal Bakshi – I really appreciate this stand of Mr. Modi. So much of black money is going to come back to the government which in turn is going to benefit us only. So hats off to our prime minister for doing this.
    Tinu Verma – I salute Modiji for this new law. According to me he is the  father of all the politicians. The way he changed everything in one stroke. The way he actually stopped everything in a night everybody’s black money has gone for a toss. Modiji is like a mighty elephant as he never looks back. I will give my last drop of blood to Modiji and to his movements. Jai Ho!



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