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Big Fire At Marool, 4 Dead, 11 Rescued


Fire breaks out in Maimoona building in Marool on Wednesday night at 1.30 a.m in which four persons died and seven injured. 8 Fire Engine controlled the fire.


According to the eye witness the fire breaks out in Maimoona Building on 3rd floor, Flat no 306, they have called to fire control but unfortunately they reached very late on the location in this incident 2 children, 1woman and aman belongs to the same family died due to suffocation if the fire brigade would have been come early these people’s lives can be saved says eye witness of the incident.


“Now the fire is almost controlled it took 4 hours we have rescued 7 people and sent them to Mukund Hospital where their treatment is going on among them 3 females and 4 males. The reason of the fire still not confirmed but the investigation is on . It may be recalled this is the second incident of fire in Mumbai in a one week after Kamala Mills compound.


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