Congress leader Kayyum Tamboli hosts Grand Iftaar party on his Birthday for his party workers ,At Santacruz


    Saturday evening was very special for the congress party leaders and workers ,two reason behind this, one reason Senior Congress leader Kyyum Tamboli celebrated his birthday with his party workers ,second reason on this great occasion Mr Tamboli hosted a grand Iftaar party for his party workers which got huge response and it was attended by across Mumbai and Every District .
    The main attraction of this grand Iftaar party was that it was attended by senior congress leader Kripa Shankar singh, Haji Babu khan, Gafoor khan, Aseef Chougle, jaipraksh singh, Sadique Lateef khan, and many more.
    On this great occasion Kripa Shankar singh said, “Ramzan is very holy month of Islam every year I also keeps Roza this year I have kept 8 Roza, I believe in Islam and Secularism, we are very much thankful to Mr Khayyam Tamboli who celebrated his birthday party in a unique style hosting an Iftaar party for the party workers, it’s a concept, he invited to all of us and gave respect, I am here only because of Kayyum Bhai who is generous kind hearted person by nature, believe in relationships everyone likes him in the party, again I congratulate to him and pray to god for his prosperity, ”

    Mr Qayyum Tamboli also thanked to all who attended his party, ” Today I am very much happy my all party leaders and workers accepted my invitation and became a part of this party our congress party always believe in secularism and National integrity today we proved because different communities people had Iftaar with us on the stage it’s a big and live example of secularism, Said Kayyum Tamboli to the Media on this great occasion.

    Haji Babu khan newly elected Party president of the Minority Department also addressed to his party workers and wished to all Ramzan Mubarak. Among those who were attended this Grand Iftaar party :

    Kripa shankar singh.
    Haji babbu khan. Chairman minority
    Jaiprakash sing
    Ganesh yadav .youth
    Dharmesh vyas.
    Pinky punjabi.
    Shabana shaik.
    Rajesh ridlan.
    Juber khan.Bigboss actor.
    Arman khan .actor.
    Asif jogle.
    Raashid khan.
    Pappu polister .actor

    Faheem Ibrahim Shaikh

    Zafar Ansari
    Vipin singh .Nsui president
    Dhiraj sin, Bala sarode.



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