Grand Felicitation Function for USA Mayor by Suhail Khandwani, at Mahim


*Felicitation of 4 Mayors of USA*
*_By Mr Suhail Khandwani_*
*_Mr Iqbal Memon Officer represented “All India Memon Jamat Federation”_*

A “Get Together” was held today evening 15/02/2018 at the residence of Mr Suhail Khandwani (Chairman Makdoom Shah Baba Trust, Mahim) Khandwani Bungalow, Mahim, Mumbai in honour of 4 Mayors from 4 Cities of USA.

Guest of Honours were 4 Mayors from USA, along with representatives of US consulate and various dignitaries from different walk of life.

Mr Iqbal Memon Officer & Mudassar Patel (NEC) Member
represented “All India Memon Jamat Federation” (AIMJF) and welcomed the US dignitaries & presented them the annual report of AIMJF and coffee table book of Memon Times.

A well organized event and purposeful meeting and interaction with all the different section of society.


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