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Maseeha’s Independence day project gets overwhelming response in Mumbai


By Aleem Shaikh (Mumbai)

Maseeha’s Independence project Mumbai was very successful on 15th August 2017,Alhumdulillah. Dr Mariam Shakir Hingora the President of Maseeha, Mrs Sugra Anwar Loya (Director of Events) Mr Shadab Shah & Mr Shaikh Shakil Rustam (Director of Projects) Mr Saleem Sopariwala, Erum Zaveri, Mumtaz Aunty, Kausar aunty
and Kadar uncle & Samir Shaikh & many more had been part of today’s Project. Two hospitals were covered. Saboo Siddique MATERNITY Hospital and Al sadiq Hospital. Fruits and snacks were distributed to the patients. They were very happy and gave blessings to all of us. Alhumdulillah. Thus Independence day was celebrated by Maseeha Team Members of Mumbai and Bangalore in both cities.. Good job Maseeha Team. They Organised everything very well..Dr Mariam Shakir Hingora was unwell still she made a point to meet these Patients along with her Maseeha Team.

On the occasion of 71st Independent day Masseha Team visited south Mumbai’s two reputed hospitals a brief programme was held with the volunteers of Maseeha and Hospital team .Dr Mariam shakir Hingora highlights the purpose of the visit ” such type of programmes spread positive massege among the patients and help to improve their will power Maseeha always think in a positive way towards them that’s why we very often organise such type of programmes says Dr. Mariam shakir Hingora. The Hospital also appreciated the good efforts of the Maseeha Foundation.


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