Mayor Meeting With Police Commissioner On Hukka Ban Upsets, Shiv Sainiks


    Mumbai’s Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar’s had a meeting with Mumbai Police Commissioner for demanding Complete Ban on Hukka Parlour sparked the controversy within shiv sena party leaders and workers. They feels that Mayor should not go directly to Meet Mumbai Police Commissioner because it is a violation of the Protocol of Mayor.


    Jitendra Janawale senior shiv sena leader contested BMC Election twice from vile parle says, “I have objection of this meeting, because Mayor designation is equal to Chief Minister , our late Bala Saheb also create awareness and it’s important among the Mumbaikar, Mayor is considered first citizenship of the city, Mr Mahadeshwar violated the protocol , it doesn’t suit him, he had upset all shiv sainiks, he can call to Mumbai police commissioner at his office why he personally went there questioned Janawale”
    Jitendra Janawale


    Ban on Hukka Parlor is not a new demand by Mumbai Mayor. Earlier this demand has risen by Ex Shiv Sena Mayor Shubha Rawal also. Hukka parlour Controversy is not new in Mumbai, and for Our Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar is also not new to come in controversy.



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