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    Mumbai Juhu Beach sees 5 lakh devotees at Chhath puja on Sunday



    After two years Covid-19 induced lockdown restrictions, Chhat Puja in Mumbai saw nearly 5 lakh devotees at the famous Juhu beach on Sunday. All were dressed in traditional finery to perform the annual Chhath puja with religious fervour.

    BMC had elaborate arrangements in view of the scores of devotees for the smooth functioning of the rituals. Police forces also helped to maintain order throughout the day.

    Deputy chief minister Devendra Fadnavis also participated in the Chhath puja celebrations.

    Notably, Prithviraj Chavan, assistant commissioner of the K-west ward had made arrangements for six ambulances, five water tankers, 100 flood lights, six mobile toilets, seven LED light towers and 100 LED light poles.

    As per Divakar Mishra, organiser of Chhath puja on Juhu beach, Dy.CM Devendra Fadnavis had graced the Chhath Utsav Mahasangh on his father Mohan Mishra’s invitation and ensured that the government will continue with this 27-year-old tradition. Last two years, there was no puja on Juhu beach, owing to the pandemic. The Maharashtra government will always support his father in carrying forward this traditional.

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