Home Western Mumbai : Mumbai builder Nadeem Lakdawala arrested in Ejaz Lakdawala extortion case

Mumbai : Mumbai builder Nadeem Lakdawala arrested in Ejaz Lakdawala extortion case

Mumbai : Mumbai builder Nadeem Lakdawala arrested in Ejaz Lakdawala extortion case
File image of Arrested Don Ejaz Lakdawala .

Mumbai: Mumbai Police arrested Ejaz Lakdawala abettor Nadeem Abdul Sattar- likely to be booked under MCOCA

Mumbai: In a new crackdown on gangsters and their aides, the Mumbai Crime Branch on Saturday arrested another abettor of gangster Ejaz Lakdawala Nadeem Abdul Sattar for allegedly passing on the mobile numbers of Khalid Qureshi, the member of Waqf board from for extortion.

Notably, Nadeem Abdul Sattar Lakdawala who happens to be a partner in Hicon Builders and is also cousin brother of Ejaz Lakdawala was arrested on the basis of Lookout Notices (lOC)soon after his arrival from Jeddah on Saturday.

Incidentally, Nadeem owns horse farms in Lonavala and is the fourth person to be arrested for aiding and instigating gangster Lakdawala in his extortion racket.

Reports has it that Nadeem Lakdawala who has been booked under the IPC sections of extortion and 120 B of criminal conspiracy may be booked under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA).

Earlier, the Mumbai Police had arrested police informers 
Salim Maharaj, Faiyyaz Sannata and Dawood aide Tariq Parveen
for aiding and abetting Lakdawala in extortion racket.

According to the officers of the anti-extortion cell, while interrogating Ejaz Lakdawala, it was revealed that the personal information and mobile numbers of Khalid Qureshi and his brother Imran was provided by Nadeem who is also from the same Khar-Bandra area.

The Police Officer stated that to scare Qureshi to succumb to his demand for extortion, Lakdawala even sent pictures of Qureshi’s son on Whatsapp to Qureshi.

Ejaz told police that Nadeem Lakdawala had provided inside information of Qureshi brothers. Thereafter the Police started looking for Nadeem but he had been absconding. As per Inspector Ajay Sawant they immediately issued a lookout notice against Nadeem.

On Saturday the immigration officials informed Mumbai Police that they have detained a suspect on the basis of LOC. Police team then arrested Nadeem. “We want to interrogate Nadeem to know how many more victim’s numbers he had provided to Ejaz Lakdawala,” said Sawant.

Initially police said that it was Lakdwala’s daughter Sonia
alias Shifa who had provided inside information of Qureshi but last month police discharged her from the case after learning that she was innocent.

Qureshi had in November lodged a complaint last year that Lakdawala was threatening him and demanded huge extortion money.

The mobile numbers which was used by Lakdawala to threaten Qureshi actually paved the way to trace the former in Patna.

Knowing that Lakdawala was in hiding, the police kept surveillance on his daughter. When they received information about her contact with her father in Nepal, they swooped in and nabbed her while she was to catch a flight to 
Nepal with her 3-month-old daughter on a fake passport in December 2019.

Ejaz Lakdawala had been wanted in more than 25 offences and had been shuttling between India and Nepal.

News Edit by K.V.Raman

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