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    Mumbaikars to pay more for auto and taxi from 1 October , Know new Auto Taxi Fare here


    It was few days ago there was a notification about the hike in auto and taxi fare and that the journey could become expensive for commuters.

    While the same was not confirmed back then, the decision to increase the fares for both the modes of public transport in Mumbai has been approved by the concerned body.

    Taxi and auto unions in Mumbai have cancelled a strike scheduled for tomorrow as authorities assured them of fare hikes from October — Rs 2 for auto-rickshaw and Rs 3 for taxis — The Indian Express reported.

    After the hike, minimum rates charged by taxis and autos will be Rs 28 and Rs 23 respectively. Estimatedly, 48,000 taxis and two lakh auto-rickshaws ply on the roads of Mumbai.

    Earlier following the hike in fuel price hike, the unions of both auto and taxi on Friday preferred to go on strike if fares are not hiked.

    News Edit: K.V.Raman



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