Protest March by congress – Ncp against demonetisation at bandra collector office


    By hm staff:
    Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘s demonetization of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 currency notes , this decision facing criticism by the opposition as well regional political parties also.
    On Monday Mumbai Congress and NCP organized the protest March rally at collector office.
    “The poor are the worst affected even if they seem patients from outside they are shattered within. Our leader Rahul Gandhi fighting for the common people .The bjp government failed to manage the banking system after demonetization ,”kayyum Tamboli Minority District President North Central Mumbai Senior leader said. In this March Mumbai city president Sanjay Nirupam NCP Mumbai chief Sachin aheer and thousands of NCP and congress workers present. From congress party kayyum Tamboli Minority District President North Central Mumbai played very important role to gather activist for morcha.




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