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Roti Ghar – Free Food Service For Underpriviledge Kids And Females

Roti Ghar – Free Food Service For Underpriviledge Kids And Females

*Roti Ghar – Free Food Service for Underpriviledge Kids and Female*

We all know that the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world. It should now be changed to- “The hand that feeds the hungry, rules the world!”. Hunger, being the no.1 killer worldwide, needs to be curbed as soon as possible, and hence with a mission and vision to kill the hunger epidemic in our society, two youths have come up with the noble deed of feeding the underprivileged people of a slum. This small venture is named- “Roti Ghar”, and is an initiative undertaken by Mr. Chinu Kwatra, the co-founder of an NGO- Aarna Foundation and Mr. Akshay Mandhare, an active member of the same.


Roti Ghar is a Free Food Distribution Service to underprivileged children and women. Healthy food is prepared daily and served hot to those staying at the slum.

Roti Ghar started off with a bang from 5th December 2017, wherein they feed over 100 undepriviledge kids and females from the slum of Garbage dumping ground, Hari Om Nagar, Thane East area everyday, who have minimal or no access to food at times. The food served here is simple, hygienic and nutritious.


This noble deed is a never ending process and can be carried out by anyone who wishes to feed the underprivileged, on account of any special event in their life like birthday, anniversaries, or even in memory of a loved one. You can donate for the cause even without an occassion! What’s better? The cost of feeding them is just Rs. 35/- per person!

Mr. Chinu Kwatra aims to kill hunger and hence urges people to come ahead and help him in this noble cause, so that he and his team can expand the network and reach more underprivileged people who die because of hunger.
His vision is to serve 1000 people daily by end of 2018.

If you wish to donate for feeding the needy, please contact 9769181218 / 9892588492

Do remember, hunger is something, no one should struggle with, or be judged for.


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