Sex Videos Maker and Sex Message Sender Wagela Arrested By Andheri Police, Relaesed On Bail


    Andheri police arrested Uday Singh Wagela age 32 from Khutch region of Gujarat in connection for sending sex videos, Vulgar text messages and sex related pictures to the female staff and lady owner of the Asian transworld logistic pvt Ltd. According to the police FIR Uday Singh Wagela was the sales Manager in the company but due to some reason he was sacked from his job after this insult he decided to take a revenge from the Management and other staff of the company and started sending porn sex videos to all female staff and owner of the company who is also female. The management approached to the local police station and explained everything to the police.


    Complainant also showed the evidence after that police registered an FIR under IT act 66 (E) and 509 292 made a investigation team, went to Gujarat and arrested him. On Thursday he was produced before the court and he was granted bail with condition and cash bail of Rs 15000. Now he is out on bail.





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