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Why Weed (Ganja) most popular among Sex Workers in Kamathipura Know here

Why Weed (Ganja) most popular among Sex Workers in Kamathipura  Know here

Substance use such as Weed (Ganja) have gradually emerged among sex workers or prostitutes.
Notably sex workers are against consumption of cocaine MDH MD Weed etc which are rated as dangerous and expensive.

In Mumbai’s popular and predominantly patronized Red Light area, Kamathipura, information reveals that most of the Sex Workers consume Weed (Ganja) freely accessible in the area, affordable and not harshly injurious to health.

The team of Hello Mumbai News, an online news portal, took the opportunity to visit the area to get the Weed (Ganja) consumption by sex workers straight from the horse’s mouth.

Kavita Lamba (Name change), sex worker, while speaking with Team Hello Mumbai News, revealed that there is no risk whatsoever in Weed (Ganja) consumption as it suits her pocket and freely accessible in the area. The substance is made available by locals in pudi (Satch) within

Another Sex Worker Geeta (Name change) in her chat, informed that she prefers Weed(Ganja) in comparison to other dangerous and risk involved dangerous drugs. Other drugs are expensive not to her reach. Hard drinks such as Liquor etc besides being harmful to health is expensive and not affordable.

Manju (Name change) Sex Worker through her chat reveals that Weed(Ganja) is not harmful but safe. We 3-4 girls form a group and consume Weed(Ganja).Since we have to be of service to many customers, in the end we get stressed out and so to get ourselves relived from stress we consume Weed(Ganja). Even our customers also prefer it.

A local dealer of drugs, however makes it known that most of his customers are females rather than men. Infact females go more for Weed(Ganja). Risks are there.
But even if we are intercepted by Police we come out free from jail. We don’t get detained for long. Policemen are aware of our business.

For that matter, even the Transgenders go in for Weed(Ganja). They look at it as risk-free and un-harmful.


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