Ficci Frames 2018 Opening Ceremony attended by Dr.Suraina Malhotra and Nileish Malhotra, At Grand Hayat


    Ficci Frames Opening Funtion was inaugrated by Union Broadcast Cabinet Minister Smirti Iraani it was grand  function  and was  attended by  Parson joshi , Karan Johar and other deginitries  of the  film  industry .Nileish Malhotra & Dr Suraina Malhotra with Kevin from South korea , Dr. Gulshan Sharma from north east of India , Mr Saini from film city and Vikramjit Roy from NFDC were also seen at Ficci Frames inauguration opening ceremony .Dr. (Mrs ) Suraina  Malhotra  a well  known  face of  Bollywood she is  Director , Script  writer , Associate Producer of Malhotra Productions.Nileish Malhotra  is  also  Actor , Director, Producer of  Malhotra Productions , Panorma  visuals.



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