India Losing Rs 5000 Crores Annually in Digital Gambling, Is Modi Government Sleeping!!!

    India Losing Rs 5000 Crores Annually in Digital Gambling

    India losing Rs 5000 Crores Annually in Digital Gambling !!!

    Digital Gambling has ruined the economy of India as online betting websites have pumped several crores of rupees down the drains. Readers may be shocked to know that just a single website LCEXCH.COM yearly makes India poorer of over Rs 5,000 crores !! This is a big blow to PM Modi as he has been waging a war against black money and money laundering.

    AB group of companies under Lal Chand a Pakistani now a European citizen, Gul and other teams under the AB exchange, Wintika online casino from Curacao, Montenegro and Malta are the pioneers of this dubious business. Chander nickname Shankar Jalander, Hamanth Sood is another group and so many doing illegal exchanges in different names. Insider’s claim Rohit and Sid are engaged in hawala money laundering from India, Dubai, and Pakistan and have contacts with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s people Noman, Dileep, Javaid Chotani, and Jabar Moti who was arrested from the UK.

    Rakesh Rajkot and Manish too are engaged in the dirty business under multi-exchange and Diamond. Sukmeder Singh Sodi and Mukesh Delhi under the name of Gamex. Similar Harry, Jitu, Shivam, Madhu are doing business under the name of Sky exchange. In addition so many other bookmakers Tomy, Jacky Ahmedabad etc. are running different online sites to rob Indian of their money.

    Hello Mumbai demands Indian authorities to take notice at the earliest and save Indian money being drained due to digital gambling addiction



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