Movie review ‘Padmaavat “by Khalid khan


Movie Review – *Padmaavat*

Finally the wait got over and we got to witness the mega saga of SLB called “Padmaavat” (earlier Padmavati) in cinemas. Going by the earlier works of SLB the expectations were quite high with Padmaavat. Now let’s analayse the movie.

So the movie is about Rani Padmavati(Deepika), Raja Ratan Rawal (Shahid) and Sultan Alauddin Khilji (Ranveer). Alauddin a ruthless ruler of Khilji Dynasty has a habit of owning “Naayab”- Unique things of the world. When he comes to know about the Nayaab beauty of Rani Padmavat he decides to own her too and this leads to the conflict between Rajputs and Khiljis. The story and the premise of a ruthless Sultan and a warrior Mewar king makes for an interesting premise but the movie doesn’t have enought meat to hold the audiences and keep them hooked. The movie is a visual treat. The cinematography and the scale of the movie is huge and is surely one of the best in India after Baahubali series. Performance wise all the actors have done a very good job. Shahid Kapoor is restrained as Raja Ratan Rawal though his role is weakest among the all leads he does quite well. Deepika Padukone shines as Rani Padmavati . She had to look beautiful throughout the movie as her beauty is the core reason of the conflict between the lead actors and bhansali succeeds in that. Ranveer Singh gets the best role and he excels once again in his potrayal of ruthless, mean, strong, womaniser and cunning sultan. His on screen presence of fearless Alauddin is just amazing but his dialogue delivery and acting in some scenes is very similar to what he had done in Bajirao Mastani and he needs to improve on that. Aditi Rao Hydari has minimal appearance and does a good job. Jim Sarbh as Malik Fakur is decent and brings some much needed laughs. Music which has always been a strong point of any SLB movie disappoints here as only Ghoomar and Ek dil hai are worthy of mentioning. Direction wise I think this is not Bhansali’s best. Somewhere this time he doesn’t hits the bulls eye. As I said the plot is interesting but the movie doesn’t has enough meat and hence it looks long. On top of that too many unwated and unpopular songs hamper the proceedings. Also I would like to mention there is nothing wrong being portrayed in movie about Rani Padmavati or Rajputs hence I do not understand why so much hue and cry by this Karni Sena. On the whole Padmaavat is a decent one time watch. It neither disappoints nor lives upto the expectations.

Rating – 3*


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