Awards & Convocation Ceremony for 37th World Congress-S.B.B.S./ZC held at RCSC, Mumbai

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    “AWARDS & CONVOCATION CEREMONY” for the 37th World Congress of Medicina Alternativa, Science & Spirituality held at Russian Centre for Science & Culture, Mumbai on Saturday, 20th May 2023.

    All India Shah Behram Baug Society (S.B.B.S.) was registered and established in the year 1983 (40 years of inception, since). Zoroastrian College (ZC) held it’s first World Congress in the year 1986 August, followed by regular 6 lectures a month – lecture series on various subjects, which started in December 1986.

    S.B.B.S./Z.C. is an NGO in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic & Social Council (UN-ECOSOC) and has been working in the field of science and spirituality, original research & studies in various fields of complementary and alternative therapies including holistic health, vastu & architecture, inter-faith & peace studies, astrology, ecology & environmental studies, water purification technology, Zoroastrian/Avestan & Jain religion studies internationally.

    ZC has center’s abroad in Serbia, Ecuador, Tajikistan, Russia and Taiwan, where the work of the Zoroastrian College continues. Internationally, persons writing research thesis have come from India and over 25 countries abroad. All original research thesis books are in the Zoroastrian College Library near Sanjan, Gujarat which is a ‘King Solomon’s Mind Treasure Trove’ of ancient wisdom and modern sciences.

    We at UNITED NATIONS are officially S.B.B.S./ZC & since 1989 have conferred between 400 to 500 degrees of B.Phil, M.Phil, Ph.D, D.Sc, D.Litt on individuals including conferring honorary doctorate degrees on distinguished persons including Late Dr. Mrs. Benazir Bhutto, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan, first muslim woman to become PM, Dr. Victor Inyushin, Renowned Kazakhstan Scientist, Late Ganesha Bejan Daruwala, renowned International Astrologer, Dr. Nem Nath Jain & his son, Dr. Davish Jain, Soyabean King of India and Founder Chancellor of Prestige University, Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus, Tata Group of Companies, etc.

    This Saturday, 20th May 2023, was the Annual Awards & Convocation Ceremony for the 37th World Congress of Medicina Alternativa, Science & Spirituality organised by the All India Shah Behram Baug Society & Zoroastian College (S.B.B.S./ZC) to honour the stalwarts, recognise special talents & accomplishments and to confer degrees by original research thesis to the selected candidates;  who received the same after a lot of hard work of a few years, by these candidates, working in their field of expertise.

    Numerous distinguished dignitaries & international delegations from various countries like Tajikistan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Ecuador, USA, Sri Lanka, Russia, Japan, Germany, Kazakhstan, Norway, Sweden, France, England, Italy, Austria, Poland, Canada, Nigeria, etc have frequented at the World Congresses and Awards & Convocation ceremonies year on year in the past.

    This year too the Awards & Convocation Ceremony for the 37th World Congress of Medicina Alternativa, Science & Spirituality was an equally high-profile event with distinguished dignitaries from across various consulates all under one roof.

    The main highlight of this event was that it was attended by the representative of the Consul General of The Russian Federation in Mumbai, Mr. Sergey Mescherjakov, representative of the Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Hamid Sharifi, Officer Media & Public Diplomacy, Mr. Amanollah Sayadi, Director of Iran Culture House in Mumbai, Mr. Seyed, Mohammad Miraei of the Iran Consulate, Mr. Ali of the Iran Culture House, representative of the Chancellor of Prestige University, Dr Raja Roy Choudhury, under the aegis of Madam Dr. Elena Remizova, Vice-Consul & Director of the Russian Centre for Science & Culture (RCSC), Mumbai. A Program Souvenir was also released on the occasion by all the distinguished dignitaries.

    During this Awards & Convocation Ceremony, people  those who attended, were honoured and/or conferred degrees were from across India viz. Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Satara, Jalgaon (Maharashtra), Guwahati (Assam), Surat, Baroda (Gujarat), Indore (Madhya Pradesh), Delhi and Internationally from Serbia.

    Dame Dr. Prof Meher Master-Moos,  Founder & President of S.B.B.S/Z.C addressed the august audience saying, “I am grateful to all the distinguished dignitaries and guests, representatives of the Council General of the Russian Federation in Mumbai, the Vice-Consul & Director of the Russian Centre for Science & Culture, the representative of the Consul General of Islamic Republic of Iran in Mumbai, the Director of the Iran Culture Centre in Mumbai and representative of the Founder Chancellorof Prestige University, since they came and attended our Convocation Ceremony and helping us maintain and build better international relations especially with Russia &Iran from over the past few decades and also stronger relations in the future. Through our platform our organisation maintains and builds relationships with countries like Russia, Tajikistan and Iran and all these countries have supported us in our mission since the beginning of spreading knowledge, good health and well-being globally and promotion of original research studies.”

    She further impressed to all the members of the organisation to network and make more people to associate with us. She also appealed to create networks online and offline and build stronger and wider networks globally among the people, in the larger benefit of the society. She focused to serve humanity and help the society through Science and Spirituality.

    She also mentioned her heartfelt gratitude to Russia, the Consulate and the Culture Centre, who have always supported the organisation, since last more than 30 years.”

    Dr. Meher Master-Moos and her NGO are doing a fantastic job for the last four decades now.

    “Indo-Russians recognised her work & I am thankful she invited me here today and I am the lucky one who became part of this Convocation Ceremony,” said Mr. Sergey expressing his happiness to be involved at the event, while addressing the audience.

    Mr. Amanollah Sayadi, seemed very excited during his speech, he said, “Zoroastrian has been the official religion in Iran, we respect it! We also support humanity and science and to serve the society and Dr. Meher’s NGO is doing good job to serve the humanity worldwide. Iran and India has ancient relationships. Both countries enjoy friendship since last so many decades. I am thankful you invited us here and our support to your ngo will be continued.”

    Dr. Meher Master-Moos also honoured and feciliated to Russian Culture General and Director of Iran Culture House & Representative from the Prestige University in Indore – Dr Raja Roy Choudhury.All awardees and PhD degree holders were honoured and felicitated by these distinguished diplomats during the event.

    All the stalwarts with the organisation and supporters were also honoured and facilitated including Dr. Hariprasad Kanoria, Mrs. Champa Kanoria, Mr. Sunil Kanoria, Dr Rahul Varma allof the Universal Spirituality & Humanity Foundation, Prof. Dr Marek Moron, Fmr. Consul General of Poland in Mumbai, Dr. Sir. John Hopson, Grandmaster Emeritus, EMH Order of Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. Awards to Senior persons having long standing connection with the Societies and Committee Members include the Chairperson of the Board of Studies (ZC), Dr. Chandra Krishnamurthy, All India Accessor, Dr Dara Rupa, Pune Centre Head & International Vastu Educatioist, Dr. Narendra Umrikar, amongst others.

    The thesis candidates includeDr. Arjun Purohit, Dr. Harvinder Singh, Dr. Pooja Agarwal, Dr. Vidya Ranjanfender, Dr. Shruti Omapte, Dr. Rupali Kulkarni, Dr. Bindu Kapilbendre, Dr. Shweta Kejriwal, Dr. Sayali Ranevaidya, Dr. Urmi Damyanthirji Pasad, Dr. Chandan Jain, Dr.  Sadhvi Amitpragya, Dr. Ritu Jain, Dr. Rupali Jain, who were conferred their Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) by original research thesis.

    Ms. Smita  Atul Gaikwad & Mr. Virendra Venkatesh Patil, were conferred their M.Phil. (Master of Philosophy) by original research thesis. And lastly Mr. Engg Cedomir Miraz of Serbia was conferred his D.Sc. (Doctor of Science), Honoris Causa.

    Some long time, “Lifetime Achievement Awards” were conferred upon Dr B. Kumar (Mumbai), Dr Bhupen Vyas (Baroda), Dr Ghanshyam Thakur (Indore), Dr Avinash Kulkarni (Jalgaon), Dr Abdul Gafoor (Chennai/Navi Mumbai) for their long standing work in their fields over the past few decades. A Vastu Educationist Award was conferred upon Mrs. Akanksha Kulkarni from Jalgaon.

    Since 2004, this NGO has sent representatives to attend United Nations conferences in New York, USA & to Geneva. During the last several years since 2014, the Commission on Status of Women (CSW) annual conference has been attended and for the last 7 years the NGO representatives have spoken at these conferences there by establishing a mark of the NGO work and participation at the UNITED NATIONS too.

    The United Nations Delegates, speakers and coordinators were awarded special awards and honour including Dr. Davish Jain, Dr. Mrs. Seema Gala, Dr. Mrs. Laxmi Shah, Dr. Thornton Streeter, Mrs. Priya Dedhia, Dr. Ramakrishna Sah, Dr. Narendra Umrikar, Dr. Mrs. Veena Adige, Dr. Usha Nair, Dr. Mrs. Jasmi  Doshi, Dr. Mrs. Nandita Shah, Dr. Mrs. Pooja Agarwal, Dr. Karishma Koka, Prof. Dr. Zuber Khan, Dr. Mrs. Ashima Joshi.

    The whole convocation ceremony was power packed with people from Health, Spirituality, Healing Sciences, Astrology, Various Religions and Vastu attended the event from different parts of Country.

    Prominent People who played important role towards the  success of this one day Convocation ceremony were Dr Chandra Krishmurthy, Dr Dara Rupa, Mr. Narendra Shah, Dr Narendra Umrikar, Dr Janhvi Mahadik, Prof. Dr. B. B. Puri, Dr. Prakash Iyer, Dr. Harshwardhan Malwade, Dr. Veena Adige, Dr.  Usha Nair, Dr. Jasmi Doshi, Dr. Nandita Shah and young and dynamic Sohail, Allwyn & Milton Nadar and many more along with staff and support of others at Zoroastrian College.

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