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Shiv sena is not anti Muslim : Haji Imran khan


By Aleem Shaikh

Haji Imran Khan , a joint secretory of shiv Vahtuk Sena Mumbai and trusted aid of president Haji Arfat Shaikh is very much busy for the campaigning of shiv sena candidates in Kherwadi Taluka in Bandra East .“Hello Mumbai “ got his interview on the role of Minority in this Bmc Election :
Hello Mumbai : what   response  you are getting from the voters when you ask them vote for Shiv sena ?
Haji Imran :
Laughs , Now our Minority people have become very smart they prefer shiv sena because they are always available for them and we know very well in Bmc election face value plays a very important role than party.
Hello Mumbai: So people are supporting
 shiv sena candidates
Haji Imran : of course because our candidates are not new faces for them all of them are well experienced and popular among the people .
Hello Mumbai: Tell something about your candidates?
Haji Imran : well.  Mr. Vishwanath Mahadeshwer is contesting from the ward no 87 , Pradnya Raju Bhutkar , From   the ward no 94 and Haji Halim from ward no 96.These are senior politicians most of them have been corporator from this area people have lot of experience with them definitely they will vote them.


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