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    Meet 10 Indian Entrepreneurs of 2022 from Jammu, Indore and Mumbai whose stories will inspire you

    Happy International Women’s Day from Hello Mumbai News.com Team

    Every year, March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day across the world to promote women’s rights and honour their achievements across the political, economic, social and cultural spheres.

    This day is a reminder of the grit and determination of women all across the world.
    There is no force more powerful than a woman’s determination to rise.

    Every life begins with a woman. Respect and encourage every woman for what she is. Women, are always respected, loved and appreciated.

    Theme for today’s International Women’s Day 2022 is…
    “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.”

    In honour of this special day here are 10 inspiring and successful women entrepreneurs from the Jammu, Indore and Mumbai who are breaking barriers and setting extraordinary examples for women worldwide.

    Rakhee Mehta, Famous As Health and Wellness Entrepreneur

    Find her on Social Media : http://www.magicrise.in/


    Women Entrepreneurs who are making headlines today. One such ambitious entrepreneur is Rakhee Mehta, fondly addressed as a Global Business Gypsy & Wellness Architect.

    Rakhee, believes: “Wellness isn’t a part of lifestyle, It’s a part of living.

    “Treadmills are for your body, Your mind & spirit never run in one spot”

    She has started and established her brand called Magicrise, in the short span of 2 years pre- covid and ofcourseadding to the completion of 4 years in Covid.

    They have successfully converted Discotheques into “Detox wellness parties Venues” across the country. With over 500 Wellness parties, 5000 Wellness Offerings and over 100 corporates under their belt, they have arrived with their novel concept of redefining wellness.

    Thru covid, the brand has reinvented itself in the space of virtual wellness and also created multi- country virtual wellness parties, which are one of a kind. “Welcome to the Magic of Magicrise.”They have also Forayed into retreats and Sports as well.

    Keep an eye out for this trailblazing brand and entrepreneur.

    Merely in two years, with her key skills and Innovation, Rakhee and her Teamhave been able to do business development, product innovation, global collaborations, brand building, and marketing. Rakhee is firmly committed to generating value-based revenue models which have end-to-end benefits from concept to execution. Herin-depth understanding and experience of the diverse international and domestic businesses & mindsets of people have helped her toestablish Magicrise, as a dynamic, dependable, and competent brand.

    She has been able to grow it into an online platform with a presence in 15 cities and two countries – India & US (SF) and at least 100+ reputed corporate clients that include the likes of Twitter, Taj, WeWork, CoWrks, Nasscom,Viacom18 and many more. Her personal and brand story has been covered twice on SharkTank, India and various platforms and in many reputed publications such as Faces of Entrepreneurship- Nasdaq, Business World, Femina,TMM & many more.

    Renu Sehgal From Jammu, 

    Famous As Health Entrepreneur.

    Find her on Social Media : https://www.instagram.com/renusehgal18/

    Know Renu Sehgal. She hails from Rajpura, Patiala District a small village in Punjab. Since childhood she has been watching her father working very hard and tirelessly as a labourer. He was into repair of cycles. Renu and her siblings used to earn and through their hard earned money, completed their education.

    It was in the year 1997, Renu got married. Her husband too was a labourer and yet they were reeling under acute financial crises.

    Even after marriage Renu never gave up her studies. She completed her graduation and was working with a private company as an Insurance Advisor for 11 years. Pathetically, personal health turned to the worse due to excess weight. It was on one fine day that her friend suggested her to go in for Herbalife Nutrition by which she can maintain her health and as well enhance her lifestyle. In Dec 2012, she embarked on a weight loss journey with Health Life Nutrition. She lost 18 kgs in just four and half months and her husband too reduced 19kgs, her daughter gained 13 kgs and son gained 30 kgs. But results may vary from person to person. Upon seeing a huge transformation in health we started taking training in different states and countries. After completion of training, Renu started working as a Wellness Coach. Starting from a small village in Punjab, now they have their business stretched to approx 90 countries.

    She is now in Jammu at Level Millionaire team 7500

    DISCLAIMER : Results may vary from person to person.

    As of now, she helps people who are insecure and unable to achieve their dreams due to health and lifestyle issues. She feels blessed that through this opportunity, she first improved her health and thereafter the health of her family members. Subsequently, she is helping others to do the same.

    Their Vision and Mission is ‘Making the World Healthier and Happier.’

    Mitisha Soni From Indore,

    Famous As Aspring Entrepreneur.

    Find her on Social Media : https://instagram.com/mitz2y

    Myself, Mitisha Soni I am a artist. I am specialised in animation visual effects. At the age of 14. I started earning money as I teach dance I have learnt dance from my elder brother I have always been interested in art.

    In school, I won 1st Apsara Gold Medal for a Painting competition. At MP level, I won 2nd prize for painting, from the Rotary Club. I won 1st prize in a painting competition at the school level. I won Etv ta ta thaiyya 2nd prize in dancing competition. I got many prizes in dancing ,modelling, painting and sports also. I am certified of Make Up by ADRIAN JACOBS & SHAAN MUTTATHIL.

    My hobbies are cooking, painting, dancing, reading books, modelling, indoor and outdoor games, photography, soap making, candle making, lip balm making, face cream, hair oil making, ubtan making, make up, decorating home, events and travelling many more. In my animation, I won 1st prize painting competition. During college, I started modeling as a hobby. I am a conclave I won the state level animation competition 2nd prize got 25k price money.

    I Worked in an explainer video, editing, VFX for International Companies Product, presentation and in different languages like Chinese, Vietnamese, Urdu, Japanese and many more for the USA, China, Japan, UK, Dubai companies and many more
    I started earning in my animation field, and my first job was just for 6k only, but it was my learning process to achieve the goals. I worked in many foreign languages and many big companies all over the world, now I have been running my own business past few years working on National and International projects.

    Learning never stops. That’s why I love to learn new things in my field to enhance my work better. I design products for companies to make it look like a brand in the market. Recently, I have been planning to start my Youtube channel.

    I believe in helping others who are needy, it gives us humbleness and inner peace. I belong to a devotional family. My family and I follow Radha Swami. It gives you the right way to live your life. So always keep yourself calm and be a big heart person.

    My parents have always supported me in my career decision. Whatever I am today, is just because of God, My Family and my faculty members. My Dad has always gave me the right path, and my Mom is always beside me like my shadow. My elder & younger brother are also always a part of my decisions.

    I am so grateful to God, who gave me such a beautiful family. I am the only girl in my society who has achieved so many things on my own and always wants to do something good so people can learn. Nothing is impossible, and if you do hard work, you can achieve anything in your life.

    Nirmalaben Hamirsinh Dodiya From Veraval,

    Famous As Social Entrepreneur

    Nirmalaben Hamirsinh Dodiya a women Social Entrepreneur from Gujarat. She hails from Veraval. She is very popular Social Entrepreneur and she believes in Women Empowerment. Since her Collegehood days she is actively involved in Social Service, she is also associated with International Inner Wheel Dist. 306. She is very focused and dedicated on her commitment. She has done her education in the year from 1952 to 1964. In the Sanskrit subject. She honored with so many awards for her Social Work.

    She has been associated with Political Party BJP. She setup Arya Sanskriti Audhyogik Mahila Mandal” in 2006 for serving society till today.

    Smita Singh From Raipur,

    Famous As Social Entrepreneur.

    Ms. Smita Singh, Social Entrepreneur, Founder, Shakuntala Foundation, Chhattisgarh, Raipur help poor people amid pandemic situation.

    Ms. Smita Singh, President, Shakuntala Foundation shared her experience and work done amid the Covid-19 induced lockdown.

    She said “we have always worked for the villagers and were fully aware of their plight. We distributed masks as a precaution to curb the coronavirus.

    When we visited them, the villagers revealed their their health problems and other related problems. It was a pathetic sight of a poor woman who couldn’t hear and speak, and a child with skin diseases. Healthy support will be given to them. The foundation will soon conduct a continuous awareness campaign in Pahnda and other rural areas.”
    She further added on the condition in rural areas.

    “During the conversation, it was found that people are earning money through daily wages, but the money is being spent to buy liquor which impacts on their children’s situation. An awareness campaign is very much needed to curb the drug addiction.

    Anita Sahu, a member of the organization was present in our awareness campaign. Panch Lata Sahu, Sub-Sarpanch Surendra Sahu, and Amaleshwar police station DSP Vijay Singh Rajput and constable Yashpal Sahu of Pahanda have made commendable contributions.,
    Thank you all for your cooperation said Smita Singh.”
    Smita Singh shared a real incident of 4 year old girl “our Shakuntala Foundation Chhattisgarh assisted a four-year-old girl, a heart patient. Archana Thakur who came from Jashpur for Raipur treatment has a hole in her heart. Financial support is provided for the patient’s transportation and medicine. The family wishes the Shakuntala Foundation Chhattisgarh for their cooperation.

    Ashwini Gujarathi From Jalgaon, North-Maharashtra,

    Famous As Social Entrepreneur

    Presently District Chairman of Inner Wheel Dist. 303

    Ashwini Gujarathi is an amicable and enthusiastic Dist. Chairman born on 26th June in Chopda, District-Jalgaon. She was born & brought in a well educated family. She got through B.Com She was married to Past Assist. Governor Rotarian Mr. Prasanna Gujarathi. Her Grand Father in law, Govardhandas Gujarathi was a freedom fighter and follower of Mahatma Gandhi. Her father in Law Mr. Arunbhai Gujarati who had been elected as a parliament member so many times in his life her life is full of political activities. She always believes in Mahatma Gandhi’s Principle simple living A vital role in Municipal Corporation as a corporator. She has even been helping the poor and needy in pandemic of Covid-19. She has been in social service for many years.

    Ashwini has been good and loyal to her joint family. She keeps them united while praying to God, in religious activities with the Principles of Mahatma Gandhi. Her determination to live life on Gandhiji’s Principles is strong.

    Inner Wheel Journey :

    Ashwini contribution in different field is praiseworthy and remarkable. She jointed Inner Wheel Club in Year – 2010-11 and attended Rally and conference respectively. She was awarded  :The Best Secretary Award” in 2012. “The Best President Award” in 2013 and  “The Best ISO Award” in  2015. She inspired so many ISO for flag Exchange in District and Inter-District she also attended ISO Meet in Mumbai 2015.

    She had been served as a District Editor in 2017-18. The role of her as a District Treasurer in Praiseworthy in 2018-19. She had been elected as a District Secretary in 2019-20.

    Dr. Deepti Desai From Mumbai,

    Famous As :Dentist/Artist

    Dr Dipti Desai is a practising dentist with a passion for art. Her journey with colours started in the early childhood. Having no formal training she learned to experiment with different media. For her art represented freedom of mind not bound by any medium or school of thought. Starting with oils, acrylics, watercolours, she progressed to digital art. Having acquired a diploma in graphic design, she started amalgamating different media with graphic art. Then she discovered stained glass and ceramicmosaic art. Through various mentor groups and workshops, she acquired the cutting skills and equipment, essential for mosaic works. Creating stories using stained glass and mixed media added a third dimension to her art work. Currently her works are based on combination of mosaics with mixed media. Having been in the profession where healing and pain form a daily part of her practice, she has incorporated art as a therapy routine. Her clinic walls are adorned with her colorful art works placed strategically to keep her patients in good spirits. She has been working with several institutions and hospitals where art is used as a healing process. She has participated in many exhibitions in India and many of her works have found homes within India and abroad.

    Nayanaa Kanodia From Mumbai,

    Famous As : Artist

    Nayanaa Kanodia was born in 1950, and she grew up in Delhi, from an upper middle-class Indian family.  A class torn between modern pretensions and revivalist hangover, it was tough for Nayanaa Kanodia to prove not only for others, but also to herself that she wanted to become an artist…a painter.  Nayanaa recalls that during her younger years she was constantly painting even when everyone was thinking that she was going to become an economist as she was enrolled as a student of economics at Delhi University. She won the National Scholarship of the Government of India in Economics (Honours).  She says that it was always on her mind to work extra hard with her painting as she was not attending art school like other artists.  Lack of formal training enabled her to bring patterns of strong individuation in her work.  This also helped her to avoid academic obsession for the hierarchy of high and low art and helped her to present the dynamics of social reality in the concrete frames of virtuality.  Considered as the foremost artist of the L’Art Naif genre, Nayanaa Kanodia’s colorful images represent the essence of Indian reality through the visual symbols of everyday life. Through her brightly colored paintings with figures looking straight out from the canvas, Kanodia brings a contemplative mirror effect in the viewer’s mind, in which the duality of observer and observed gradually disappears.  Another chief element of her work is multiple narrations in one frame, where she presents a picture within a picture to indicate toward the experiential perplexity rooted in the multiplicity of reality.  This multiple reality is itself a manifestation of the uniqueness of the Indian situation where, in the words of Nayanaa Kanodia, westernization took place without replacing basic traditional traits of identity which is the root of Indian society.  This comes out predominantly in her use of extremely bright colors, with vivacious depiction of signs, symbols and characters of present-day Indian reality.

    Nayanaa Kanodia’s art gives us a taste of happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment.  A deliberate reminder that life is what it is, and regardless of the situation, there can always be an expectation of realization, achievement and of course, happiness.  The richness in colors simply transcends any doubts, any remorse, and unwelcoming thoughts or feelings.  She offers a sophisticated perspective of life without taking away that sense of possible attainment, without taking away your own dreams.  Quite on the contrary, it’s that subtle push that triggers you to want to live your life to the fullest and as picturesque as what she shows us.  Simply put, she demonstrates livelihood at its best.

    Sanjukta From Mumbai,

    Famous As Contemporary Artist, Curator and Gallerist.

    Founder : La Aartemisia Studio and Gallery.

    Sanjukta is a well known, Mumbai based senior contemporary artist, Curator and Gallerist, Founder Owner of La Aartemisia Studio and Gallery. She is committed to the cause of fight against Cancer and Children with special needs.

    Communicating with the world around her is the underlying theme of Sanjukta Arun’s creations. At one point her paintings bring to notice the environmental issues that concerns mankind, yet on the other hand, through these paintings the artist invokes memories and imaginations of the atmospheric nature that continue to inspire her, which she fears may be lost forever.

    Sanjukta’s works inhabit the ambiguous line between abstraction and representation. Her paintings represent specific places and moments in time: the brief point during a sunrise when the sun fills the air with an ethereal golden glow; a break in a storm where light pierces through heavy clouds; or the sunsets sending celestial light down on the waters turning them into shimmering jewels. Although the scenes are real, but they highlight the rare moments of particular beauty, they tread a fine line between the real and the otherworldly.

    When Sanjukta envisions a new painting, she focuses on points of shifting light and atmosphere as reflected in the water bodies. The interplay of atmospheric forces that make the water arrestingly beautiful—moving light, air, clouds—envelop the artist’s mind and becomes part of a visual drama that the artist translates on the canvas.

    The climatic changes, the declining ecosystem as well as the damage to our landscapes have constantly tormented the artist. Aiming to inspire humanity to return to nature, the artist creates images that represent natural beauty in all its glory. By presenting an idealistic view in her works, Sanjukta urges the viewer, to preserve the source of nature’s beauty: the things that make us stop and look before continuing on our way.

    Sanjukta is also guided by the Divine forces and portrays Lord Ganesha and Shakti on  her canvas, which are very well appreciated by art lovers and buyers.

    The Mumbai based Eminent artist is professionally qualified MBA Sales and Marketing and International Business. After a successful stint in corporate capacity, Sanjukta surrendered to her calling in colours and received extensive guided training in fine arts, acquiring various creative, artistic skills and techniques since 27 years. The artist has devoted herself to art creation since past 28 years and successfully showcased in 60 plus  shows including 20 solo shows, both in India and Overseas. The last being held at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai. This Solo show was held in aid of CPAA, to raise funds for Cancer Patients. This was received very successfully by the art lovers. One of her paintings, created especially for RACE( Cancer foundation) was auctioned recently to raise funds for needy Cancer patients.Also another auction for prestigious Bengal club for Cuddles foundation. She has also showcased her works at the World Art Dubai, 2017; Khajuraho Art Festival, 2017; Annual Life Member Show at Artist Centre, Mumbai, as well as India Art Festival from 2013 to 2018. She has also held Solo shows  online with She is also holding Art therapy sessions for Corporates. She has showcased her works in Maldives and Russia, Columbia, Nepal,  Philippines and various other nations.  She has conducted

    rt and Spirituality workshops for International Festival of Spiritual India and

    IWN,CIIKarnataka Chapter,CII Maharashtra Chapter.Her works will be showcased at significant exhibitions in London, Singapore and Dubai and many other countries in near future.

    Besides Art, Singing is a passion at par, she is a trained ghazal singer, under the guidance of Begum Farida Khanum ji. She also loves writing poetry which is just free flowing expression of her heart felt emotions.

    Irshad Patel From Mumbai,

    Famous As Travel Entrepreneur

    LEO of region: Maharashtra Chapter
    Irshad Patel has colossal experience in the travel Industry since the last 44 years. She begun her career in 1976 with Travel Corporation India Pvt Ltd (TCI) which is a pioneer in the travel and tourism industry and went on to work with them for 30 years and thereon for 2 years for Thomas Cook India Ltd after the acquisition. Irshad has excelled in her journey handling travel, tours, cruises and Mice divisions in the organization where she joined as Executive and moved out as Associated Vice President.

    Irshad Patel joined Creative Tours and Travels as Head of Sales and Marketing and handles business pan India. It’s a 42 years old DMC and b2b suppliers for Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu and also consolidator for most Airlines with 18 offices pan India.
    Experience as a Lady Entrepreneur :
    “I am blessed to be a women and have all the patience to work in difficult situations. Time has taught me everything and has given me confidence to handle any difficult situation in life. My passion and my hard work has always been appreciated and acknowledged in the Travel Industry.
    I started my own company Discover Destinations Tours and Travels. Its a DMC where we handle all travel arrangements for niche clients and doing extremely well. I am also a advisor to few hoteliers.
    I enjoy my work passionately and like to share my vast experience and knowledge around.”
    Vision as a LEO :
    In 2020 ADTOI has appointed me as LEO for Maharashtra. The main focus or role being a LEO is to get more and more women Enterpreneurs on board. Ihave successfully got many women entrepreneurs in the Maharashtra Chapter. My aim and dream is to motivate encourage and bring forward maximum women power make them successful in the travel Industry as well as in ADTOI.”



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