Meet CPL pardeep kaur, Indian British Female Chef who loves Cooking,Shares professional Journey with Hello Mumbai News

Meet  CPL pardeep kaur, Indian British Female Chef who loves Cooking,Shares professional Journey with Hello Mumbai News
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News Report by Kamal Prabhakar UK Corrospondent :

Brief Introduction of CPL Pardeep Kaur :
Born in Punjab and arrives in UK in 2007 where i use to work in beauty salon. In 2009, i decided to join the British Army. I was inspired by my ancestors who have fought in World War1 and 2. I wanted to continue this legacy to serve the country with loyalty and pride. After completing my initial phase1 and phase2 training, i was posted to North Luffnham with the 16 Regiment Royal Artillary , Household Cavalry and 1st Battalion the Grenadier Guards as a Chef.
In 2012, I was assigned to the Diversity Action Recruiting Team. I spend a year promoting the Army visiting school’s, universities and sharing about my experience being in Army. As part of the Diversity Action Recruiting Team, I also had a chance to learn about other religions and cultures. Our main aim was to promote the Army and change people perception about the Army . We used to deliver presentation to the JNCO’s (Junior Non Commissioned Officers) and the Seniors CLM (Command Leadership Management) course about different religions and cultures within the British army . This assignment has really made me strong in person and enhanced my understanding of knowing the individual from all the backgrounds. I take pride of myself that i represented the Army in such kind of forum.. One of my passionate thing about working in the team was , I have had the chance to visit No 10 Downing Street and meet the Prime Minister.
After completion the assignment, I got posted to the Household Cavalry Regiment in Windsor as a Chef in the Sgt Mess as 2IC. On promotion of LCpl, then i was posted to the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards working as a chef. Very busy battalion and always on the move. In 2015 I had the chance to go to Kenya on Exercise Askari Storm and Exercise Silver Arrow in Latvia feeding the troops. My job Role was there to cook and serve food for the troops. I used be Up at 0500hrs and make sure breakfast is ready for 0700hrs for the troops. I have gained a lot experience and being away one of the hardest thing I have ever done. This was my first exercise out of the UK. Since then, in 2016 and 2017 I went to Kenya again supporting the troops in catering world. Working in hot conditions, I found my job very demanding and challenging. Working with the Locals were also good experience for me; I have had the chance to learn a bit of Swahili to keep my communication with them. One of the best thing in Kenya, I had the opportunity to go on Adventure Training where I did mountain bike, hill walking and kayaking. Overall it has been a great experience. Also, I have had the chance to go to Jersey to support the Army Swimming Team as chef. I was there for a week, cooking for the team.
In July 2018, I then deployed to Op TRENTON 5, UN Peacekeeping mission in South Sudan as a UK Engineering group with 36 Engr Regt, building Level 2 Hospital for the civilians. I was part of small Chefs team as a Shift JNCO. It was austere and remote location with difficult lines of communication and logistical challenges. Food replenish were difficult at times and especially during rainy season due to means of transport being only via air freight. As a Shift JNCO, I was in charge of the junior Chefs within the kitchen. There were times where I needed to use my own innovation and come with the solution to provide the best menus for the whole Task Force with minimum choice of food supplies available there. I also organised a Cake charity event for the McMillan Cancer support and raised over £400 with the support of other nations, who were also serving in South Sudan.
In my free time I used to visit the Indian Battalion temple to practice my faith with the other nations, who were also part of the UNMISS. It felt so honoured and privileged to meet military personnel from the Indian Army.
I found this tour very Challenging and interesting, up at early hours and working till late nights. We also had a short visit of MPs, the journalist and the Secretary state of Defence The Rt Hon Gavin Williamson CBE. It was a great tour, working in hot climate conditions. I am very proud of myself to receive a first medal and also it has given me a lot of experience for next coming up tours and also in my day to day job. Overall, it was a magnificent tour where I managed to work with different nation, learn and share the experience. I am also very proud of myself to receive a first operational medal. For all the hard work and my outstanding efforts were cited by the Commanding Officer early in the tour with the award of a task force Commander’s Coin, later followed by the formal award of a Brigade Commander’s Commendation by Commander 8 brigade during his visit to theatre.
I’m a keen runner and like to maintain my high level of fitness against a very busy daily work routine. Recently I have taken part in a variety of sporting events, including the award of a medal for 1st placed female on the Indian Independence Day run involving over 200 runners in South Sudan. I did charity run for Frimley heath hospital in Wrexham, I managed to achieve my goal . Also took part in indoor cycling supporting the SSAFA, Cross country for 5 Div where I have won Gold medal in women team winner and sliver in runner up. Along with that I have won medal for the Londist Cross county (Major Unit Team Winners). I also took part in fleet marathon twice. I have won Gold medal in Taekwando placed 1st in poomsae.
In 2019, i was promoted to full Corporal and was posted to 1st battalion Royal Welsh in Tidworth as Production Supervisor Chef. Since i have posted to this Battalion, i have been on numerous Exercises overseas and within UK. In 2020 i was awarded the Commanding Officer Coin for all the hardwork and outstanding effort during the exercise in Germany.
During the COVID-19 situation, i thought about doing a full marathon in my 6 meter Patio to help raise money for the NHS east of Ambulances. I managed to raise 132O £ in 2 days. I also had the time to represent the Armed Forces by doing virtually live cooking sessions with various celebrity chefs from India and Masterchef semi finalist and finalist from UK. I am very passionate about cooking and my job. Sharing my knowledge about cooking and gaining experience from other chefs are my strongest point about my job and profession.
I am also a youtube blogger where i share my recipes, fitness with other people. My main aim is to inspire people and our youngsters those who can not cook. This is the perfect platform where i get to show my cooking skills and different cuisines.
Recently, i have launched my first ever cookbook called ‘Recipes from My Kitchen’.
I am a single mother of 7 Years old child, who called Udai Singh. Being a Asian female, I am very proud to be in the Army and i encourage more youngsters females and males to come and see what is it like to be different.
I am so proud to serve my country. Never the less, I will never forget my country of origin India.


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