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Meet Farha Khan Mumbai Based Actor-Model who shares her Journey in Bollywood with Hello Mumbai News

Meet Farha Khan Mumbai Based Actor-Model who shares her Journey in Bollywood with Hello Mumbai News

Hello Mumbai News Entertainment Desk :

In our Entertainment Inspiring Actress series of Film Industry. Today we are introducing you a very dynamic and popular Actress who is known  for her remarkable and outstanding performance in the field of Entertainment who always believes in Women Empowerment. Yes we are talking about Farha Khan, she shared her Entertainment (Television) journey with Hello Mumbainews.com reporter Janvi S. Panjwani

Name : Farha Khan

Famous As : Actress/Model

Native Place : Mumbai

Category : Aspiring Actress

Acting, coupled with the right mix of talent and perseverance takes an aspirant to places in the flourishing entertainment sector-Bollywood, Mumbai popularly known heaven of Hindi Films.
Many such glamour struck aspirants to stardom hop to the City for a break in films or into modelling. Infact, modelling is the passport to break in films.

One such aspirant lured by the dazzling World of Glamour and Neons is actor “Farah Khan” who is also a Model.

She shares her exciting journey in Bollywood with Hello Mumbai

Since in her childhood and school days, Farha was more interested in sports and annual functions, dance, performance etc. thereafter studies.

According to Farha that’s the precise reason that after schooling, she chose for BMM (Bachelor in mass media) in advertising.

Briefing Hello Mumbai Farha made it known that she wasn’t aware what she wanted to pursue in life. Yet, while studying for BMM, she got such projects like a short film on banana , plays / fests and what was hammering her mind was Understanding Cinema. In College movies were screened and in the process she visualized that she was enjoying it. She has acted in short films and has also participated in fashion shows etc.
Farha, one fine day, she received a call from one photography institute and they needed models to shoot for their students. But it was honorary. No payment for the project. She got selected on the basis of her Facebook Mobile clicked pictures. She opted for it. And it was her very First Photoshoot in life. She was fear struck in front of camera. Generally facing the camera for the first time, it is quite obvious one gets conscious doing a professional shoot. However in her case, she felt that camera was like a best friend.
Some people had even suggested that she take up acting as her professional career when she showed them her first shoot pictures. At that time around she was still studying for 2nd year BMM and visualized that she should give priority to complete her studies first.

Farha further affirmed that after graduation she started to gauge how can she get a break in films, how the work takes place, who are genuine and how should one pitch.
This process proved the toughest for her because, when you are new, you know nothing and it is a known fact in Bollywood people make a fool of you. There are also people who befriend and take you for a ride. They ask her to meet at McDonalds Cafés and gave you false hopes of giving a break in their project. Relying on their words she used to literally travel from Mira Road since she was living with her family there. She also used to travel by local trains to Andheri, Bandra, Churchgate. This has bend her reap struggle for a real genuine break in films. In this process of her struggle she had wasted one full year. During her struggle she has also met genuine producers and got work. She has also shot for print ads. There she got an opportunity to work as First Assistant in her first movie titled is “Secret of Love” starring Ravi Kishan as older Osho ( it’s based on Osho biography)

Working as an Assistant Director gave her immense confidence for full fledged feature films like Ranbir /Sonal Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal etc. who were into Ad’s before emerging as lead actors !

She started her career in 2018 and in 2020 there was covid-19 lockdown and shootings came to a stand still. Farha has also done online theatres with Reknown theatre director Shree Arvind Gaur sir ( Asmita theatre ) theatre group from where actor like Kangana Ranaut groomed and has become a big actress. Farha also mentioned she got opportunities to learn a lot on filmmaking and as an actor.

From 2021 after lockdown was partially lifted, for 7-8 months she worked hard and started giving auditions and meeting deadlines. Giving auditions is also good for an actor as you get to learn different characters and situations.

Gradually after phase wise lift of lockdown she started getting assignments that too after putting in hard work.

Her recent ads are Cadbury Dairymilk Silk, Airtel , Himalaya tvc , Coco Cola ad , RVCJ media and she has also worked with NETFLIX MATCHED@netflix Show.

Farha has also done short films for festivals, Star Plus No 1 show Anupama Beautiful Cameo etc.

Recently she has done a music video with singer Rishabh Tiwari who sang with Kannika Kapur ( ek duje ke vaaste 2 ki lead , Sony show ).
In her video she is playing the female lead and also have sung in his beautiful voice for the song Zeher ( releasing soon , right now in post production)

Her Upcoming projects :- Fitness cycle ( it’s new brand & unique product which will soon launch in markets ) & more big ads to come !

She has faced many challenges and stuck to “Never Give Up Attitude.”

She has been getting calls directly from people like Mukesh Chabbra (mccc), Parag Mehta casting, Kunal M shah, Anti casting, Anamika Singh, DM starts etc. and crime for giving shortlisted audition.
Farha is indebted to Almighty has grateful to god who has given me courage to do these things in life. She feels proud of herself for all het achievements.

Farha also goes to the extent of saying acting is a struggling industry as there are many aspirants who want to make it big but not all get assignments even after struggling.

Another thing that Farha points out us that we are not paid monthly. She had herself slipped Into depression. She even thought of taking up a job.

In this industry one needs to have patience as money is not paid on time, many people have told Farha not to enter the acting field for name and fame. Hard work is necessary for name and fame.

Farha’s advice to strugglers is to have patience to the new crop of actors is to work Hard, have patience and not just for name and fame.

Finally it is Farha’s appeal to the new generation of actors all the best to everyone out there who wants to start in this beautiful world of art.

The story hasn’t ended. Because its just the beginning. She wants to do a lot in the future and bag big projects.

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