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Meet Pune based Educationalist and Brand Consultant Dr.Pooja Darda – A Success Story of a Single Mother Who Never gave up.

Meet Pune based Educationalist and Brand Consultant Dr.Pooja Darda – A Success Story of a  Single Mother Who Never gave up.


Each year, Hello Mumbai News takes the privilege to celebrate International Women’s Day  in the month of March  to propagate and recognize women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements through featuring stories on their successful journey in their field and to call for gender equality

This is with a goal to raise awareness about the need to end gender-based violence, promote women’s leadership, celebrate their contributions, promote entrepreneurs, startups and advocate for women’s economic empowerment around the World.

In Honour of International Women’s Day We, Hello Mumbai News Team took an Exclusive Interview of pune Based Single Mother Entrepreneur Dr Pooja Darda  she shared her professional journey with us.We hope her story’ will inspire one and all.

So guys read on :

Hello Mumbai News: Introduce yourself for our readers.

Hi everyone! My name is Pooja Darda, and I am an individual who is passionate, dedicated, and multidimensional. I take pride in the numerous hats that I proudly wear. My experience as a single mom has taught me how to balance the responsibilities of parenthood with the drive to realize my ambitions and inspire others to do the same. My path has led me to take on a variety of responsibilities, including those of a personal branding trainer, podcaster, influencer, career counselor, motivational speaker, and researcher.

In each of my roles, I make it a priority to create meaningful connections with other people and encourage them to recognize and appreciate the singular abilities and skills that they possess. As a trainer specializing in personal branding, I work with individuals and businesses to develop a powerful and genuine presence that draws attention to their essential qualities. My podcast is a space for me to share insightful experiences, interesting and informative observations, and helpful tips with my audience with the hopes of elevating and empowering them. I am an influencer and a career counselor, and I use my knowledge and expertise to direct people toward occupations that are satisfying to them and that allow them to grow as individuals.
My job as a researcher and a motivator allows me to indulge my passion for lifelong education and self-improvement because it requires me to stay abreast of the newest developments, innovations, and industry standards. As a result, I am able to expand the scope of my expertise and, as a result, provide my customers and followers with helpful perspectives.

Hello Mumbai News :   What’s your message for Women Entrepreneurs?

Recognize your strength, fan the flames of your enthusiasm, and pursue your goals with persistence. You have the power to create, innovate, and change the world because you are powerful woman. Your innovative ideas and solutions are fueled by your entrepreneurial spirit and your ability to see things in ways that no one else can.

Don’t be scared to challenge the status quo, take risks, and bust those glass ceilings. Your capacity to adjust to new circumstances, think outside the box, and persevere will serve you well in a world that is always changing. Keep in mind that the bottom line isn’t the only measure of success; the difference you make in people’s lives and the legacy you leave behind are just as important.
Hello Mumbai News -Share your Recognition and Achievements.

My varied academic background reflects my wide range of interests and my commitment to lifelong learning; it includes a PhD in AI, an MBA in marketing, and a B.Tech. in cosmetics. Working for industry-leading financial institutions and retail establishments has unquestionably honed my marketing and management skills.
I am a successful entrepreneur who founded and ran Celebration Candles, a designer candle company that sold its scented products throughout several cities in India before Covid -19. I learned a lot about business and how to be an entrepreneur from this experience.

Being an educator and marketing management professor has allowed me to pass on what I’ve learned to others and has also earned me recognition in the form of the CISR Foundation’s 2020 Innovative Teacher Award (Female) and Brain World, Pune’s 2019 “The Guru” Award. My dedication to research and innovation is further demonstrated by my participation in conferences on a national and international scale.
You can see my ability to inspire and motivate others in my recently released book, “#ownyourstory”, on personal branding, and in my well-received podcast, “Dilsediltak”, which is available on major platforms.
My successes are evidence of my perseverance, enthusiasm, and commitment to making a positive difference in my professional and personal spheres, and I should take pride in them. I continue to push myself to achieve excellence, and never stop trying to motivate those around me!

Hello Mumbai News – -How many hours a day do you work on average?
16-17 hrs
Hello Mumbai News:Can you describe/outline your typical day?

Being a single mother is no easy feat, and when you add a busy career as a Professor, Podcaster, Influencer, Motivator, Career Coach, Brand Consultant, Researcher, and Blogger to the mix, it can seem overwhelming. However, with a carefully planned daily schedule, it is possible to balance all of these responsibilities and achieve success in each of these roles.
A successful day starts with a good morning routine. I help my son get ready for school, and make sure he has everything he needs for the day.
My maximum time from 9 to 6 goes to the Institute where I work as a Professor, which is a major priority. I plan my classes in advance and be sure to use my expertise and passion for teaching to engage with students. This is also a great time to connect with colleagues and collaborate on projects.
After work, switch gears and focus on your podcast. Record episodes, edit them for release, and promote my podcast on social media and other channels. In the evenings, spending quality time with my child is important for building a strong bond and making lasting memories. Helping my son with homework or engaging in a fun activity together is a great way to unwind after a long day. Late at night after my son sleeps, I focus on your roles as an Influencer, Motivator, Career Coach, Brand Consultant, and Researcher. I focus on my academic research work and planning upcoming projects. So maximum times my schedule may vary depending on specific circumstances and priorities.

Hello Mumbai News: What motivates you?
The love I have for my son and the desire to provide for him the best in his life is a significant motivation for me. I put in a lot of effort to make sure that my son has the greatest life possible and that he is taken care of in all aspects, including financially, emotionally, and physically.
Hello Mumbai News;-How do you generate new ideas?

To come up with fresh concepts, I keep an inquisitive mind, surround myself with like-minded people, welcome setbacks as opportunities for growth, draw motivation from my past experiences, and make time for introspection and contemplation. By adopting these methods, I am able to come up with new ideas that propel me toward my career and personal goals.

Hello Mumbai News :What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?

Being a single, working mother is a challenging position that calls for fortitude, resiliency, and bravery. The thought of failing to provide a good life for my son ranks high on my list of worst worries. I think those who are the sole breadwinner in their family may feel this anxiety more keenly than others. I deal with this anxiety by taking sensible measures toward achieving financial security, such as creating a budget, saving and investing money, and looking for additional income.
Hello Mumbai News: -How do you define success?
For me, success is a highly individual and relative term. It can include doing my best for my child, succeeding in my career, striking a good work-life balance, being an amazing human, and giving back to my community.  In the end, I believe that one’s definition of success should be based on their own set of beliefs and priorities.

Hello Mumbai News: Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

When it comes to becoming a great entrepreneur, there is no pattern or formula that can be followed. The journey of becoming an entrepreneur is one that is intricate and multi-layered, and it involves a variety of factors. These factors can be internal, such as personal characteristics, skills, and experiences; or they can be external, such as changes in market trends, levels of competition, and the state of the economy. Having said that, there are a few similar characteristics and practices that successful entrepreneurs tend to exhibit, such as the fact that they are frequently extremely passionate about their ideas and are eager to make them a reality. They are not afraid to take risks and have the resiliency to pick themselves up and try again after experiencing defeat or other kinds of setbacks. They frequently establish powerful networks and work in collaboration with others in order to get resources, information, and support.

Hello Mumbai News:What has been the most satisfying moment in your Career and professional journey?

When I got awarded a Doctorate completion of my Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, that was my most satisfying moment. This journey was not easy, I was studying, working, and handling everything alone so when I got a patent for my thesis, I was not able to believe in myself. It was the result of my 5 years of dedication and hardship.

Hello Mumbai News  :What piece of advice would you give to college graduates who want to become entrepreneurs?

Do what you love: Pick a field that excites you and represents your core values and interests. You can use this to keep pushing on with your enterprise no matter what comes your way. Find a mentor, enroll in an entrepreneurship course, and connect with other business owners to learn from their experiences and insights. You can save yourself the trouble of making silly mistakes and gain invaluable wisdom by listening to the advice of others who have been there and done that.
Begin with a manageable goal and remember that you do not need to have every detail worked out before you get started. Begin on a modest scale, put your concept to the test, and make adjustments as necessary. You will be able to minimize risks and make progress toward achieving your goals with the help of this.

Hello Mumbai News :What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

The top three skills for successful entrepreneurship are:

Adaptability: Entrepreneurs must adapt to changing market conditions, consumer tastes, and developing trends. In a continuously changing business scene, they must be open to new ideas, pivot when necessary, and learn from their errors.

Resilience: Entrepreneurship is full of obstacles and failures. A successful entrepreneur must have the mental courage to endure and stay focused. Entrepreneurs keep motivated, recover from failures and stay positive through resilience.

Good communication: Entrepreneurs must convey their vision, ideas, and expectations to investors, employees, and customers. Communication skills help entrepreneurs create networks, negotiate deals, and motivate their teams.

Hello Mumbai News: What entrepreneurial tricks have you discovered to keep you focused and productive in your day-to-day busy schedule?

I can share with you some tried-and-true methods business owners employ to maintain focus and get things done despite their hectic schedules. The main objective is to prioritize your day’s work by listing the tasks in order of importance. Pay close attention to these critical jobs first, and then move on to the less pressing ones. In order to provide yourself with clear direction and a sense of accomplishment while you work towards your goals, it is recommended that you create SMART goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

Hello Mumbai News: Who has been your greatest inspiration?
I get a lot of inspiration from J.K. Rowling. J.K. Rowling, the British novelist who wrote Harry Potter while raising her son alone, is a single mother. She was turned down by many publishers before she finally found one who would publish her work, but she never gave up and is now considered one of the best novelists of all time.

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