Home Hello Womeniya Meet Sana Shaikh Beauty Entrepreneur and founder of Nail and Lashes by Sana who shares her Entrepreneurial journey with Hello Mumbai

Meet Sana Shaikh Beauty Entrepreneur and founder of Nail and Lashes by Sana who shares her Entrepreneurial journey with Hello Mumbai

Meet Sana Shaikh Beauty Entrepreneur and founder of Nail and Lashes by Sana who shares her Entrepreneurial journey with Hello Mumbai

No doubt of the fact that Business is a male-dominated world, and in the Muslim community – where female modesty is held at a premium – one might think that was doubly the case.

But as of now Women Muslim Entrepreneurs have defied this stereotype even as cashing in on the rapidly growing market for Muslim-focused Business.

Like other non-muslim women entrepreneurs who have conquered the Male Counterparts in every field of profession, so too Muslim Women Entrepreneurs are and have proved they are nothing less. Today they are into varied businesses and are growing with it on their their own merits.

Female entrepreneurship is vital for our future. Collectively we can make a change by closing the gap between men and women in the workforce.
Entrepreneurs are those adventurous, daredevils who drive deep into the pressing problems of society and try to find solutions to them, not by leaving the responsibilities in the reins of the government or business, but by trying to change systems as a whole and persuading societies to take new initiatives

India being a growing economy is a hotspot for young entrepreneurs. With a large population of more than 130 crores, businesses all over the world see it as a potential destination for establishing a start-up. For years, males dominated the business industry, leaving less or no room for females. But the trend has changed now. More and more women are jumping into the business and many have successfully established globally renowned brands. Creating job opportunities for a large number of people, the women have braved the societal pressures and stereotypes to come up with the solutions that are far more reliable and innovative.
recent years, Maharashtra and Mumbai  has witnessed an increase in women-owned businesses in fields such as household Industry, fashion, farming, IT, manufacturing, oil, and more. The development has broken the gender stereotype where women are depicted as weaker and incapable.

These bold and fearlessly ambitious entrepreneurs are shaping the future of Maharashtra, serving as mentors to millions of women and youths.

In our Entrepreneur series today we are introducing you a very dynamic and popular Entrepreneur of  Mumbai who is known  for her remarkable and outstanding performance in the field of Nailart and Lashes who always believes in Women Empowerment. Yes we are talking about Sana Shaikh she share her Entrepreneurial journey with Hello Mumbainews.com reporter Priyanka Yadav

Startup Name : Nail and Lashes by Sana

Founder : Sana Shaikh

Brand Category : Nailart and Lashes

Area of Operation : Mumbai

Find her on Social Media : nailsnlashes_by_sana 

In this day and age, influential Muslim women are using social media as a platform to share with the world their lives and their work. From politicians to authors and athletes, seeing the Muslim woman experience so represented and diverse can be incredibly inspiring. It may even be a source of motivation for the rest of us to go out there and make our mark in the world.
Defying stereotypes, a growing number of Muslim women are launching their own businesses in financial capital of India ,MUMBAI and across the world, cashing in on the rapidly growing market for Muslim-focused consumer goods.

The fashion world has started making space for Muslim women over the past few years, and it’s about time. We’ve seen increased representation of Muslims Women Entrepreneurs in startup world.

We basically do lash and nails extension. Press on nails customisation as per the outfit occasion theme. So far completed 100+ orders of customised nails to sent to different states of India. But I would just like to mention about my husband and my father being a mom to a 2 yr old my journey would not have been possible without my husband support
and my father who has helped me with so many thing from motivating me when I had zero sale to going from place to place within Mumbai and delivering the nails safely I have many happy customers and all are happy with its results and no complaints at all and my husband who takes care of my son when I am out for a lash or nail client.

My business is my life now and making nails my passion being a mom of 2 year old I till date sit and complete my orders in the night from 2-7 am after my son has slept sometimes things are not how we expect but with the support of our family anything can be achieved. We have also made next day deliveries along with customisation to client in urgent need because client satisfaction is what makes me happy and positive review keeps me going.

News Input by Priyanka Yadav


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