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Meet Tripti Apreja Nagpur based Makeup and Nail Artist who shares her Entrepreneurial Journey

Meet Tripti Apreja Nagpur based Makeup and Nail Artist who shares her Entrepreneurial Journey

It is a known fact that makeup is a fundamental accessory for all women. Makeup artists and hairstylists provide essential services in the community. These professionals have boosted self-esteem in millions of people and spiced up countless special events because they are passionate about enhancing their customers appearance. People hire them for weddings, ceremonies, etc.

It is amazing how makeup industry is growing day by day from entertainment field to corporate sector. Makeup artist input cannot be ignored. They put great efforts to make you look beautiful. With their makeup art.

Makeup artists are the perfect definition of beauty and elegance. They have mastered their art and put so much effort into making sure that many people look presentable.

In our famous Makeup and Nail Artist Entrepreneur series we are introducing you a very passionate and dynamic Nagpur based Beauty Entrepreneur who doesn’t need any kind of introduction. Yes we are talking about Tripti Apreja, Founder of Tripti Makeup and Nail Art Studio

Startup Name: Tripti Makeup and Nail Art Studio

Founder: Tripti Apreja

Famous As: Makeup and Nail Artist

Startup Headquarter: Nagpur

How to find her:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/triptiapreja?utm_medium=copy_link

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tripti.apreja

Hello Everyone,

I am Tripti Apreja,

Welcome to my Profile,

Tripti Apreja born in Lucknow but after marriage settled in Nagpur. I got married in 2009 and have 2 lovely daughters. I am B.com Graduated and B.Ed and specialized in a airhostess training from Frankfin Institute.

If I would say about myself, I always wanted to be an independent women, before marriage I was an Airhostess in Air India but after marriage I heard about Oriflame India and I joined Oriflame India became the Director (its a level) where you start earing 50,000 per month and from there I started a journey of Women Entrepreneur. I have a passion of art so I did course in Makeup and Nail Art and started my one more business with nail art as well as a Makeup Artist. I opened my Studio and there I take classes of makeup and nail art where I teach them various types of makeup and nail art techniques and designs as well as I take marriage orders.

I have a big dream never wanted to stop to fulfill my dream and other women dreams to those who want to fly high.

A women should be financially independent. A financially independent women not only helps to meet the families financial goal but also makes herself confident as well as she can her own decision.


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