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Heal Your Invisible Wounds Today , By Manisha Agarwal

Heal Your Invisible Wounds Today , By Manisha Agarwal
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Heal Your Invisible Wounds Today

The root of well-being is your emotional health. Verbal abuse deteriorates your emotional health and it is far more common than you think. Since there are no physical bruises and scars for you to see and acknowledge this violence it is often overlooked. Verbal abuse isolates the one who is at the receiving end and eventually makes it difficult to reach out for help. This is mentally exhausting and it puts your emotional health at stake.

There are many subtle forms of verbal abuse making it challenging for one to recognize it. Name-calling, condescension which often starts with light sarcasm, manipulation,demeaning comments, blame, discounting a partner’s emotion is most commonly observed forms. The undercurrent of such a behavior is to establish and maintain control, and supremacy over the other in a relationship.

Language is vibration. Just like positive words of encouragement can be uplifting, similarly, negative words leave a deep scar on the subconscious. These harsh words cut to the core and you end up living your life from that perception. If you have been told, ‘You are not good enough’ for multiple times in your childhood, you end up believing it and your choices reflect this belief. All of these chips away your self-esteem and confidence. As one’s coping mechanism a person may develop an inferiority complex or may become abusive towards others. This ends up creating a vicious circle.

If you relate to any of the above-mentioned signs of verbal abuse, know that help is available. Family Constellation is one such wonderful therapy that can clear all the unseen, unhealthy wounds across dimensions to create a new joyful reality. To heal any such invisible wounds, you can reach out to Manisha Agarwal (Family Constellation Facilitator, Past Life Regression Therapist, Tarot Reader).

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