Known-Unknown & Unknown-Known” -an exhibition of abstract expression

Known-Unknown & Unknown-Known” -an exhibition of abstract expression

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Known-Unknown & Unknown-Known”
-an exhibition of abstract expression

“Known-Unknown & Unknown-Known”, an exhibition, is being presented at the Nine Fish Art Gallery, Byculla, Mumbai from the 3rd to 17th October 2021 from 10.30A.M to 7.30P.M.

About their practices: From the beginnings of human history, the group, or the collective, has been the basic unit of much creativity. From the earliest times, groups got together to work on feats of engineering or on creative projects, the later then transforming into more sophisticated forms such as guilds, ateliers, studios, and salons, etc. As opposed to the individual artist out on his/her own the aesthetics that the coming together of a group creates is different, with its shared commonality and the pooling of minds. We too have been working with one such group and exploring the creative energies that have been emerging. This has led our group to slowly drop all individual forms and converge within the pure world of the abstract.

Thus our name, – “TURYA” – the formless, the meditative, and the eternal.

The final attempt of the group, keeping true to its essence of inclusion and coming together, is to try and involve the viewer within the aesthetics vision of its art. Thus, our artists collectively explore the essence of an aesthetic with viewers in mind – in some sense trying to articulate a shared sensibility. This in itself is the ‘Turya’ process of creation.

The empty space of the canvas is slowly covered with lines, forms, and colors, individually by each artist, but drawing from, and adding to, the collective energy while working in the same studio spaces. What thus lies hovering in the abstract, becomes Absolute, and that in turn layers the artists’ language with another layer of depth, moving me towards a greater completion.

Date: 3rd to 17th October 2021
Time: 10:30 am to 7:30 pm
Presented by Dot Line Space in association with Nine Fish at Nine Fish Art Gallery, Mumbai.
Address: Nine Fish Art Gallery
The New Great Eastern Mills, Salsette- 27, 25-29 Dr.Ambedkar Road, Near Rani Baug,
Byculla, Mumbai 400027
Group of eleven 11 artists – Abhijeet Ghavale, Ashish Thakur, Bhushan Vaidya, Ganesh Apraj, Prashant Dadve, Rohit Bhanushali, Sandeep Bobade, Satendra Mhatre, Shivaji Chavan, Umesh Patil, Yogesh Patil
Type of exhibition: Site-specific Installation, Painting, and Sculpture



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