Mumbai: Build a protective mechanism against Fear and Phobia with Mumbai based therapist Ms. Manisha Agarwal

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    Build a protective mechanism against Fear and Phobia with Mumbai based therapist Ms. Manisha Agarwal

    Fear and phobia, these two words are correlated. Phobia gives birth to fear. Phobia can be against anything or an object or a situation without knowing the origin.
    Majority of the people are often confused between fear and phobia. It is imperative to qualitatively assess the difference between the normality of fear and the abnormal features of phobia. Having a fear is an emotional response but phobia towards a thing or situation gives rise to anxiety.
    Daily life can be taxing while living with fear and phobia nonetheless it is not necessary to face the situation daily. Some manage to share their conditions while others feel left out, and this triggers the condition making it worse. Disclosing your condition can be a difficult process, several thoughts might occur in our mind. It can give rise to fear of getting labeled or being judged, but it is necessary to disclose the emotions and take a step towards the healing process.
    Fear is something that is possessed by every human as a protective mechanism. It’s very natural to fear things or situations due to biochemical or emotional triggers like public speaking, heights, animals, or natural environment. Fear of driving fast, fear of blood are some fears found hampering the health and mental well-being of an individual. Person creates fear in their mind which in return give rise to health issues. The response to fear is much more extreme, to the point of disrupting your life in ways which you would otherwise never consider, and the treatment of a specific phobia will involve gradual exposure to the feared object or situation. So, if you don’t know where to start, it’s good to know that there’s hope. It means you may need to work on your fears and phobias together with a therapist and become courageous through self-exploration.
    And for those who believe in therapies, Past Life Regression or Family Constellation Therapy are some of the ways of discovering old memories stored in your soul from a previous life. During the therapy, a person recalls the time in various ways as if he or she is watching a movie, some experience it as if they are in that moment, some experience it as a thought or feeling.
    These therapies are always performed in a safe, calm, and controlled environment in order to control what the client sees in a time or place. During the process of therapy, the client will “remember” a traumatic event which would be rescripted and/ or reframed by therapist. These therapies and the healing processes act a closure for the client, for the deeds done in past.
    Whether a person believes in past lives or not, Regression Therapy or any other therapy viable can be a useful tool to help the client let go of unexplained fears, phobias and traumas. All said and done, therapy should only be done by qualified therapist who have had specialized training in therapy.

    Manisha Agrawal
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