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Mumbai : Disfunctional Relationships and Sexual Abuse , Exclusive Interview with ‘Manisha Agarwal

Mumbai : Disfunctional Relationships and Sexual Abuse , Exclusive Interview with ‘Manisha Agarwal


An Exclusive Interview with ‘Manisha Agarwal on Disfunctional Relationships and Sexual Abuse :

Gayatri : It is a privilege to be interviewing you, Manisha Agrawal and get your take on a very sensitive topic such as Sex Abuse. Although women have moved forward in this time and age, yet alot of them very silently suffer the repucations of this abuse and some may not even be aware that they are developing psychological compliancation due to it. I have a few questions for you. How does sexual abuse impact an individual ?
Manisha :  Sexual abuse causes physical, health and also mental trauma leaving the victim bruised even years after the incident may have occurred.
Gayatri  :  What are the mental impacts ?
Manisha  :  When women get into a relationship seeking emotional comfort and surrender themselves easily they get taken for granted.  These relationships when eventually end and leave them feeling hurt, used and sometimes makes them doubt themselves and their abilities to make a man happy.  Sometimes, relationships also have force and pressure tactics used by men to make a woman surrender.  Sexual abuse sometimes is caused by someone who the woman trusted and loved and sometimes by complete strangers.  Later in life, many of these women have multiple partners in order to save themselves from becoming dependent and to avoid them being hurt by one single man.  They begin to use men and even find sadistic pleasure in getting back at men for the pain the gender may have once caused them.  The incident of sexual abuse may have occurred early in life, but it mentally impacts the victim for a lifetime.  Some other mental and psychological challenges involve depressive symptoms, anxiety, phobias and sleep issues.
Gayatri :  Apart from what is obvious, are there any specific health conditions due to sexual abuse ?
Manisha  :  Yes apart from the physical pains that are caused during the incident of a particular sexual abuse, various other health-related issues come forth as a result of the psychological damage it leaves the victim with, such as skin disorders, increase in blood sugar levels, blood pressure, etc.
Gayatri  :  What role can a counsellor or a healer play towards a sexually harassed victim ?
Manisha  :  We have many laws that help a sexually harassed victim to acquire justice.  However, even after the assaulter receives his due punishment, the victim who has experienced sexual abuse does not live a normal life for a very long period.  They either become defensive, insecure and suffer from self-esteem issues or on the other hand become violent, rebellious and develop hatred towards men.  They end up having multiple problems in their relationships, even worst multiple relationships, thus causing their family and loved one’s stress and anxiety too.  They begin to believe that is it fine to hurt men because they were hurt by a man.  A counsellor or healer bridges the gap that gets created between the time before the sexual abuse and after the incident.  Healing and therapy reinstalls the lost self-esteem, trust and ethics within the individual and helps her overcome the episode, permanently curing her psychological wounds.  Therapy and healing also helps these women live stable lives and happier relationships.
Gayatri  :  Are these women also able to overcome the physical and health challenges through healing ?
Manisha  :  Yes, when the mind begins to heal, so does the body.  With regular and timely counselling, the affected woman is able to stabilise her emotions and stress levels thus bringing along the stability of body and health as well.  The physical wounds that the victim may suffer are taken care of by the medical practitioner and after that starts the healing process to help her emotionally and psychologically, which although takes longer than the physical process, but definitely heals and helps the individual live a happier life in the future.
Gayatri : Thank you Manisha. I’m sure this information will be sightful to alot of women out there and they will move forward to seek help and live a more happier and fulfilling life with your help.

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