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Mumbai: Mumbai’s most famous Khau Gallis

Mumbai: Mumbai’s most famous Khau Gallis

Mumbai’s Khau Gallis have become an integral part for the metropolitan city’s culture. Mumbaikars irrespective of their status, cast, creed and religion prefer to eat in Khau Gallis as they feel besides being economical the piping hot food stuff very relishing. The Khau Gallis are located near railway stations, Schools, Offices, Colleges, lanes and bylanes. The white-collared office-goers prefer to visit Khau Gallis for a quick lunch or a bite of mouth watering and piping snacks. Hello.Mumbai News names the most famous and popular Khau Gallis in Mumbai.

Mahim Khau Galli
This Khau Galli nestled opposite the Mahim Dargah is a complete non-vegetarian serving beef kebabs, mutton khichda, chicken seekh kebab and baida roti on offer and is open from noon till mid-night. There is a very rush here during the night dinner time. The food is rated as very relishing and all those visit this Khau Galli appreciate the dishes.
Mutton Kebab Pav, Chicken Shawarma, Baida Roti and Falooda are highly recommended.

Ghatkopar Khau Galli
This Khau Galli is located near Ghatkopar Station and is open from 4.30 pm onwards. The street food served are very authentic like dahi puri, dosa and sandwiches.

Tardeo Khau Galli
The Khau Galli here is located in the Tardeo Air-Conditioned Market and very famous for both Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian, it’s also the perfect place to grab a quick lunch between work.
Sardar’s Pav Bhaji, Shawarma, Thali and Sugarcane Juice are famous at this Khau Galli. The place is crowded during late evenings and many hi-fi visit this Khau Galli.

Mohammad Ali Road Khau Galli
Be it Ramzan or not, for the foodies the Khau Galli at this Mohammad Ali Road is a heaven. The Khau Galli here is extremely famous and popular for the delicious and relishing mouth-watering malpuas, jalebis, kebabs, chicken and mutton delicacies. This Khau Galli is one of the most memorable walks that the city has to offer.

Carter Road Khau Galli at Bandra
The Khau Galli here begins from Carter Road’s Cafe Coffee Day..The most hogging items here are the mouth-watering shawarmas, parathas, momos and burgers. Infact this modern day khau galli comes with a sea view.
Chicken Shawarma, Prawn Momos and Mooli De Parrontthe and Lassi Te Parrontthe

SNDT Khau Galli at Churchgate
This most famous Khau Galli is located opposite the SNDT University, next to Churchgate station. The Khau Galli here opens at 10 am till 8.30 pm. From pav bhaji to fried rice, it’s the perfect place to satisfy fast food cravings.

Princess Street Khau Galli
The Khau Galli here is mostly frequented by those who after shopping in Mangaldas and Crawford Market head to this Khau Galli for delicious food like dal pakwans, grilled sandwiches and samosa toasts.

Kharghar Khau Galli
The Kharghar khau galli is a little different from the others – it’s on a clean road with a huge fountain in the middle. If you’re a momos lover, this khau galli is your paradise because it doesn’t have one but many momos stalls. The best time to visit thus Khau Galli is late evening as the Khau Galli starts here after 5pm.

News Input by K.V. Raman

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