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5 Tips to Keep Your Gadgets in Tip Top Shape

5 Tips to Keep Your Gadgets in Tip Top Shape

In this technology-driven world, gadgets are the primary utility source for most individuals. However, be it your mobile phone, laptop or gaming device, all these come with an average life span. Similar to any other technological device, they can malfunction over time. 

But you can make your gadgets last for a long time by following a few simple care tips. Mentioned below are five things you can do to prolong the lifespan of your devices:

  • Regular Cleaning

You should always keep your electronic gadgets clean and tidy. Whether it’s your laptop, smartphone or any other device, they need regular cleaning for optimal performance. Schedule a day in your calendar to clean your devices and avoid serious complications later on. You should also stay wary of eating or dropping food/drinks on or near your gadgets. These things can accumulate in your computer’s keyboard and affect its functioning. If you accidentally drop liquid on your electronic gadget, consider seeking professional help immediately.

  • Buying A Protective Case

Purchasing a protective case is one of the most crucial things you can do to save your gadget from damage. This becomes essential if you take your devices outdoors frequently. If you tend to drop your devices too often, a protective case can help lower the impact and save the device from suffering any serious damage. Sometimes, it can also prevent water from entering the gadget, protecting it from liquid damage.

  • Avoiding Overheat

Heat or extreme sunlight can overheat your electronic devices. Overheating of gadgets can result in malfunctioning and reduce their overall lifespan. Thus, you should always remember to keep your devices away from heating points. It is always better to carry a pouch to keep your smartphones when you are outside. Additionally, refrain from keeping your gadgets on the car dashboard, especially during the summers. This can damage your gadget’s battery and mess up the CPU chip, affecting its performance. If your laptop tends to overheat in a short span, consider keeping it on top of a cooling pad to reduce the impact of heat.

  • Charging Your Gadgets before They Hit 0%

It is better to maintain your device’s charge before the battery drains out completely. It is proven that draining out the battery on the initial battery low is a good thing for electronic gadgets. However, if you continue doing this for an extended period, it can negatively impact your devices. This is why it becomes increasingly important to maintain a proper charging schedule.

  • Visit Authorised Service Centres

Upon experiencing some issues with your device, you must take it to an authorised and reputable service centre. Do not consider visiting an unauthorised set-up, as they may charge you for fake device parts and will not provide efficient service. Instead, make informed decisions while getting your device fixed.

All in all, maintaining the condition of your electronic device is not that tough. You simply need to follow a few simple steps to keep up their performance for a long time. Pocket insurance plans are need-based insurance products that extend adequate coverage for different financial requirements like in this case your electronics insurance. One can conveniently avail it from reputed insurers and meet hefty expenses. 


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