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Hello Mumbai gets best journalism award in the digital world by TACCI


By hello Mumbai Team:

On the eve of joint celebration to mark the Anniversaries of Trans Asian Chamber of commerce & Industry and Indo -Mongolian Chamber of Commerce & Industry an award night was organized “The Pillars of Hindustani society ” which was held at Royal Mumbai Yacht club Colaba, Mumbai. The award was presented to by Mr.Andrei zhiltsov ‘ consulate general of the Russian Federation in Mumbai. While receiving this prestigious award Marjeena shaikh, legal advisor of Hello Mumbai said ” I am pleased and deeply honored to receive this award and I thank Mr. Sanjay Bhide jig for this prestigious recognition. ” Speaking on the occasion Mr. Sanjay Bhide convenor and Secretary of TACCI said,” The pillars of Hindustani society award is given without any strings attached to the distinguished Awardees every year, and unlike many other so called Business Promotion Entitled without expecting any direct or indirect favors of any kind in return. Our award is given, strictly on genuine merits, Hello Mumbai deserves this award for their impartial coverage and for bringing the facts in front of the society,” he added. [04/03 22:04] S Pro: The function was attended by Union Minister Ramdas Athavle he appreciated the initiative taken by Sanjay Bhide . Mr Athavle who was also the chief guest of this award function was honored by TACCI. The other dignitaries who were present at the event were Uday Naik , Anand Dhuree , Ajay Gupta, J K Chaturvedi ( joint overall president ) and Dr. M A Paatankar . The event was attended by many diplomats such as Afghanistan deputy counsel general Mrs. Aziza Rasouli, Mr. Patrick Mphepo ( Republic of Malawi) with his wife. Hello, Mumbai also interacted with Mr. Satwant Singh Bhatti who was With his entire family enjoying the award night.



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