Punishment For Triple Talak Is Laughable Adv. Asim Khan



    A day back, the central cabinet cleared the bill on triple talak terming it a cognizable and non-bailable offence with punishment of 3 years jail term. The so-called Muslims Women (Protection of Rights On Marriage ) Bill 2017 declares Talak e Biddat an offence. Good, I too dislike the instant triple talak, it is bound to be illegal as it’s not as per the procedure prescribed in the holy Qur’an, the Muslims are governed under sharia law, and talak is a part of personal law. However, something I found illogical was the quantum of punishment. When by mere pronouncement of triple talak in single sitting doesnt make it legal, and doesn’t break the marriage at all, then for what you want to imprison a person? Uttering the words merely have no value, so how you are making it an offence? Yes, had it been breaking the marriage then the reasonable punishment is understood. But punishment in this regard without any results is laughable.




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