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    Hello Mumbai IMPACT – Police lodge FIR against RTI Activist Shamshad Ahmed After 24 hours.

    By Aleem Shaikh

    Agripada police took 24 hours to lodge an FIR against RTI Activist Shamshad Ahmed for attacking And threatening BMC officer Mr. Satish Malekar.Police have booked him under the IPC 353, 332, 504, And 506. But surprisingly the accused has still not been arrested.

    It shows that the Agripada police is not taking the matter seriously. The intention of the Agripada police indicates that they are more interested in collecting the information of the victim and not the accused !!!

    The complainant Mr. Malekar told, “Hello Mumbai “ he is not satisfied with the police behavior. Police filed Fir only for formality after 24 hours which gave chance to the accused to get Bail from Court. Indirectly police are safeguarding him.

    So I couldn’t get proper justice,he further said that my moral shattered when the police asked me to show my certificate that I am a BMC officer so “Ab achaa Kya hai ‘I have given my entire life to the Government to serve the people and it’s shocking that another government agency officers are insulting us said Mr. Malekar who sounded very nervous.

    After this incident, another senior officer Mr. Navghre is also very upset who narrated another story of how RTI activists blackmail them and builders he said that a person comes from Jogeshwari and files RTI in E Ward Byculla with intentions to blackmail builder and pressurize our officers to arrange a meeting with him.

    This practice is very bad for our society were an RTI is being used for personal gains and to extort money.

    It’s shocking that the police takes 24 hours to file an FIR against the accused. It means that police does not take us and our job seriously, we also put our life’s in danger by exposing this corrupt practice.
    Now we will wait and see how much time police will take to arrest the culprit.



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